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Anavar and Training Results?


If a 21 year old athlete who trains very hard in strength and plyos and speed, were to take a 7 weeks cycle of anavar, what do you think the type of gains would be in things like squat, bench, clean, 40yrd Dash, vertical..etc..Thanks


It sounds like you could expect significant strength and speed increases in all of your lifts if you train them, supposedly that is what the var is for... Good strength gains without a huge bulk gain. I am not sure how toxic it is on the liver, so seven weeks might be getting to the upper limits of how long you should run an oral for...


I have just ordered 6 weeks worth of anavar. I use to be a track athlete, now ive turned to brazilian jiujitsu and am looking to get a whole lot of strength, without major bulk. I do alot of plyo's, body weight exercises etc and core stability stuff. Getting the supply in 2 days - first time gear user - very excited. Im On the ALA, fish oil, SAMe and will be on milk thistle when im on the gear to keep the liver values at bay!


Just keep in mind with Var that you wont feel stronger, but you will lift more weight (unlike Test which does make you feel strong). Of all the orals I've tried Var is definitely my favourite. Watch out for back pump at higher levels


What's back pump?


A huge pump in your lower back that hurts like a bitch.


It seems to be one of the least liver toxic oral AAS out there. Some of the reports I've seen have actually had instances where the liver report was better at the end of the cycle than at the beginning. With that said it is still liver toxic, but it is safer to run for longer periods than almost any other oral AAS, due to its lower negative effect on the liver.


I'll agree with everything here so far and second the idea that 7 weeks is still probably the longest amount of time you'd want to stay on var. IMO other orals like drol, dbol and winny should be kept at 5 weeks tops and 4 is smarter. Some will disagree on the winny thing but then again I think winny is total shit and wouldn't reccomend it to anyone.


What is reasonable pricing for Anavar? The only source I am in the know of is $250 for 100 10mg tabs. This means it costs like $10 a day for medium dosing according to my calculations. That's rent in a decent apartment around here! Waay more expensive than things like MAG-10 and yet hard to imagine it's thaat much more effective. And that's before all the additional cost of ancillaries which still considerable even though less than with other AAS


That's really expensive. You don't have any PM facility, so I can't give you any more help.


Tone, that's expensive for var? I don't really research gear as I don't use, but I noticed that papervar is the same price. What would be a good price for that am't of var?


I can only go by the prices my source offers for Var. I get 200 tabs of British Dragon Anavar for just under $300. Some of the guys on here get theirs even cheaper, but I'm happy with the service, quality and range my source offers.


I pay $1 per 10mg capsule of var. But I guy direct from a UG source. Var is always going to be expensive.


I have yet to find Anavar anywhere near those prices. And Ive searched high and low.


Papervar from the leading supplier is $750 for a full sheet, which works out to $150 for 100x10mg.


I personally think it's pretty expensive that you gotta pay $200 for what comes out to about a gram of var powder when it's not hard for the ugl's to get a gram for approximately $35 plus shipping and wiring. Just something to think about.


it's a bad price.
my suppy can purchase 100cps@20mg at 120eu


How many mgs a day are you planning to use?


If you can get your endo to prescribe, you can get a 1000 mg from Central Phamacies out of calif. for around $180. They are the only admix company that I know of that has an injectable formulation. The stuff is great, not much weight gain but realy hardens you up. It makes a great stack at 80 mg every 2 days with Test E or sustanon @ around 500 mg per week. The injectable will allow 12 week cycles without the liver problems associated with the orals. Its not a cheap product but it is far superior over the alt (WInni).


var is way to weak for the price...you wont get that much out of it and it takes about 50-80 miligrams a day to notice anything. d bol is much better but anadrol is the best.