Anavar and Test Enanthate Stack Experiences?

Has anyone ever used anavar and testosterone enanthate together? Did you like the results you got from it? Would you care to share your experience with me?

I once ran a cycle of 60 mg of Anavar ED and 250 mg of test enanthate per week for 6 weeks than carried on with 375 mg of test solo for 4 additional weeks. In fact it was my first cycle. Ate clean just 200 cals above maintenance. Strength gains were crazy starting week 3 or so.Pumps were dramatically increased, looked considerably fuller and vascularity was noticeable.
Not sure how much lean mass i gained (didn’t track it down) but i absolutely gained a good deal and was readily more defined (maybe dropped 3-4% BF). No sides except for burning muscles from the var which ceased immediately after i stopped it. Also maybe some sluggishness in the afternoon.

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How was your PCT did you retain/keep all of your gains? How much did you lose?

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Nolva only: 40/40/20/20
I kept maybe half of the gains and around 70% of strength.

I am responding from the stand point of I have a gut feeling about the OP. My feeling is you are new to AAS and looking to see if a proposed cycle makes sense and/or if it’s right. Perhaps your buddy suggested the combo or you read it off one of those sites with basic trying to be comprehensive info.

If you are new and this is your first cycle, stick to testosterone only for the first cycle. Lots of reasons why but the one that usually gets guys attention is, even though synthetic test does the same thing as natural test when you are on a cycle you are basically taking 5 times (or more) of the natural levels. Plus with how the synthetic levels stay consistent in your body vs the natural fluctuations of natural test that sustained level is a drug. I can have very significant drug like effects on some guys. So stick to test only for the first cycle and see how you respond.

Now if you are already past your first cycle and looking for a first stack (or a second or a third) here’s some food for thought. Anavar is the MOST faked steroid out there. The UGLs often just substitute something else for the var like winstrol or winstrol and dbol. With that being the situation with anavar you should try winstrol before you try anavar. That way you know what winstrol does to/for you. If you took Anavar first and it turned out to actually be winstrol but you liked it and kept running it while paying anavar prices then down the road realized or found out it had been winstrol all along you are going to be kicking yourself for waisting the money. Winstrol is much less expensive and is hardly ever faked. So find out if your source has good winstrol first because if their winstrol is shit then their var is who knows what.

Both anavar and winstrol are DHT based. One of the characteristics of DHTs is when you mix them with wet aromatizing compounds like testosterone then the DHTs help keep the gains cleaner leaner and overall better quality lean mass that’s stays with you better than just wet gaining alone. So either anavar or winstrol will help you keep more of your gains.

The thing that anavar is good for when it comes to regular non competing athletes is it can help you get through a strength plateau, like at the end of a cycle when you can’t seem to go up anymore. There are a number of other compounds that can also help you do this it’s just some guys respond better to one or the other.
The other thing that anavar is really good for is it helps make your skin look tighter. Only competing people that walk across a stage really need this characteristics.
Basically every other thing that anavar can do can be gotten with other compounds at a better price. So unless you need extra tight looking skin, why pay an “exotic” compound price?

I could be totally off base and you could be a very experienced AAS user that is just new to anavar but I felt I should put the info out there just in case my gut was correct.


Well I’m not really worried about the quality of the anavar it is from a legit source but thank you for the advice I hope that I will like the results I get from the end of doing this

Make sure to update us during and post cycle, and do blood work as frequently as you can … your experience will benefit the forum and some of the more experienced members will be able to help you if in case the Var you have turns up to be something else, good luck!

Iv seen even the most vetted legit sources have some “anavar issues” before.

This is not only directed towards you but anyone who reads this i highly suggest spending the little bit of money on a lab max presence and purity test kit. If your willing to spend the $100+ to use anavar this should be a no brainer.

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i will let you know I will start the Anavar next week and i will run that for 8 weeks. I’m 3 weeks in to the test e and I feel great, I have already gained 15 lbs. What a difference. I am taking aromasin every time i pin just 12.5mg to keep my estrogen levels down. Super stoked about the progress already.

How did it go bud?

I disagree. Anavar is way easier on the liver and lipids than the other orals you mentioned (Dbol, Winstrol) and is side effect free at reasonable doses. No bloating, joint pain, hairloss, etc that comes with other orals. Yes, it’s more expensive, but if you can afford it’s a much better option for both cutting and bulking in my opinion.

Anavar is way easier on the liver and lipids than the other orals you mentioned (Dbol, Winstrol) and is side effect free at reasonable doses.

Would 50 or 60 mg a day be considered a reasonable dose, or would you recommend less?

I don’t think it needs to be run higher than 40mg/day - this is as high as I have run it.

This study showed little difference between 40mg/day and 80mg/day, suggesting you hit diminishing returns after 40mg/day:

However, I will note that HIV patients who aren’t running it with a test base are far from ideal test subjects.


I’m pretty sure @Singhbuilder stated there is a drastic difference between 50mg/day & 80-100mg/day. I can’t imagine there’s not difference over 40mg.

@jimbotrt just got done running 50mg for a while then upped it to 75mg and saw a big difference. Maybe he can comment.

I tend to agree that you can’t really utilize this study for comparison. VAR definitely needs to coupled with test.

@dextermorgan is correct about upping my dose to 75mg the last 2-3 weeks of my cycle. I was also running a higher dose of T (averaging 250mg / wk) compared to my normal TRT dose of 180mg / wk. I “felt” the difference with the higher VAR dose (minimal cramps) compared to 50mg. I also noticed I was stronger with more lean gains those last three weeks. It could be argued, if I just continued with 50mg / day I could have achieved the same affect? Placebo… Not sure? I definitely “felt” stronger and “looked” better while running 75mg / day than the three weeks prior just using 50mg / day.

I ran my cycle for almost 7 weeks. As of today, I’ve been off VAR and higher test dose for 10 days. What’s amazing is that I’ve kept most all of my gains. Even more amazing is I haven’t been to the gym in 10 days due to a back injury (non workout related) and still look vascular and “pumped” most days. I plan to hit the gym today for the first time since coming off cycle. I plan to run labs in about 10 days to check my lipids, etc.

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The difference between 40mg and 80mg of Var/day is HUGE. Its like night and day. I don’t care what that study said, I value experience over studies because everyone reacts differently.



Interesting, maybe I’ll try running it higher next time. Was there also a meaningful difference in your lipids/liver enzymes between the two doses?

Very interesting thread.

I am considering running 400mg test cyp per week with 40mg to 50mg of Var (pharma grade) from weeks 7 to 12 as my first cycle.

Man pharmaceutical Var is EXPENSIVE! It’s like $2k for 5 weeks

I really don’t want the bloated puffy look which car seems to help prevent.

Many say do test only for a first cycle and I can see the sense in that, but I want to ensure I look lean and hard at the end of my cycle.

Watching the thread.