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Anavar and Test Cypionate Cycle


Hi all.

This is my first time posting here so please inform me should I do something wrong.

I know that this has been a topic many times before and it has been debated before on forums. However, my stats are not the same as someone else's stats. Also, as time goes on people learn more and more about steroids, effects, results, sides etc. So I'd like to get a feel for what you guys think of this cycle and please assist me with possible adjustments to it.

This will be my first serious cycle. I have used Dianabol in the past but not as serious as I should. It was back in college and I think I only did it for about 3 or 4 weeks.

So here are my stats:

Age: 24
Hight: 180cm/5.9ft
Weight: 74kg/163lbs
Body fat: 11.2%

Resistance training: +/- 3years

My diet is clean and good. Loads of proper meals. I eat almost every hour. Might not always be something big but I do eat. Could be fruits or so.


Protein: 200g a day
Calories: 2950 a day

So, the cycle I'm planning on doing:

10 weeks using test cypionate and Anavar.

Week 1: 20 mg Anavar a day (2x10mg tabs) - 250mg test cypionate on Monday
Week 2: 20 mg Anavar a day (2x10mg tabs) - 250mg test cypionate on Monday
Week 3: 20 mg Anavar a day (2x10mg tabs) - 250mg test cypionate on Monday
Week 4: 40 mg Anavar a day (4x10mg tabs) - 250mg test cypionate on Monday
Week 5: 40 mg Anavar a day (4x10mg tabs) - 250mg test cypionate on Monday
Week 6: 40 mg Anavar a day (4x10mg tabs) - 250mg test cypionate on Monday
Week 7: 40 mg Anavar a day (4x10mg tabs) - 250mg test cypionate on Monday
Week 8: 40 mg Anavar a day (4x10mg tabs) - 250mg test cypionate on Monday
Week 9: 40 mg Anavar a day (4x10mg tabs) - 250mg test cypionate on Monday
Week 10:40 mg Anavar a day (4x10mg tabs) - 250mg test cypionate on Monday

I am thinking of taking Proviron too. 40mg a day throughout the entire cycle.

As for pct. Nolvadex starting two weeks before the cycle ends and continuing for 4 weeks after the cycle.

My goals: Build lean muscle without getting water weight. 2-4kg muscle would be fine.

Ok so there it is. Please could you guys tell me what you think of this and what I could expect from a cycle like this.


i think you should at least double both of your dosages, referring to the cyp and var.


Remember that this is my first cycle. Should I immediately double both dosages?

How about PCT?


yes, double, 250mg of test a week is not much, 500mg is the standard first cycle dose, so at least go with 500mg a week. If you want to run var, it's a relatively mild compound and i don't believe you will see much in results on 40mgs a day

As far as PCT goes, if you are running 500mg of test a week, after your last pin, wait 2 weeks of no injections, no SERMS. ( This would be a good time for hcg if you have it). Once the two weeks are up, use your nolvadex, do some more research on an appropriate dose.


eatliftsleep nailed it

but I also think you need more protein. Aim for 250-300g/day.
And I'd personally avoid eating every hour lol theres been much talk about this reducing insulin sensitivity. Solid meals every 4-5hrs would be more effective.


Do you know what your T levels are like?

I went on TRT and up'd my Test Cyp dose to 300mgs/ week and gained over 25lbs in 12 weeks (keep in mind my T levels were CRAZY low and I was naturally a 176lbs @ around 20% bf, cut to 158lbs then went up to 185lbs but MUCH leaner than I was when I was 176lbs)

I suggest pinning twice a week and run the Anavar bewtween 60-80mg's ED split into 2 doses / day

DON'T underestimate your diet! At 5' 9" and only 163lbs you should be able to build 2-4kg's of muscle without juicing yet. If you CAN'T..learn how too before touching the shit; unless you have shitty T levels which should be addressed


Awesome, thanks for the reply guys. I'll double the test dose then and maybe up the Anavar to 50mg ED. Also planning on running the proviron throughout the entire cycle.


You should have your levels checked first before WASTING any $ on any drugs by doing doses that you have no idea whether they are too little or too much.

250mg is NOT TOO LITTLE. That is why you need to get your blood work done first!

What's better? Doing less stuff and spending less money for great results over time or over spending and over using w/ no idea where to go after the first cycle?

Use your head and study this stuff from those who know more than those telling you just jump to 500mg and 80-100mg of Var. Everyone reacts differently to the stuff. You need to experiment for yourself. It's better to start lower. Most take WAY too much stuff and don't wanna put in the work. This all takes time.

Stick w/ your plan and see what happens.


500mg is a widely used starting poing for someone looking to run a first cycle, 250mg is a bit above a trt regimine. Results with 500mg will be much better with most likely the same amount of side effects you would experience with 250mg besides more t to e aromatization. As far as being shut down goes, you woiuld be on either dose and 250mg to 500mg is not going to make much if any difference in recovery.


Yea, 500 is common start - but that is mostly because no one bothers to see where they are before they begin. No one bothers to experiment as individuals - it's just accepted as the rule.

My suggestion is that he would have the blood work done and see where he is. Then add in the 250mg and do a blood spot test at the 6-8 week mark to see if it went up from natural production (which it will). If it did, he can start at 250 and build over time rather than start at 500 and find that the next cycle of 500 just isn't cutting it so he has to do more. It's better to start as low as possible and build over time.

I know guys who started at 500 and were up to 750-1000 on the next cycle. Where will they be a year from then? 2 grams/wk? It just seems common that too many start far too heavy on the first cycle and don't have blood work checked before they begin.

Strength takes time and long term health should definitely be considered for a guy who's only 24.

This is a good discussion. I appreciate not being jumped all over for my opinion on this. Thanks.


it's only the REALLY stupid ones that get jumped on.

I'm with ELS on this one, I would run the 500mg. I do agree that you'd still gain from 250mg a week, but I think the standard advice to do the half gram is a good starting point.

There's still plenty room to develop from there too. I think a good logical progression for cycles, assuming a recreational lifter cycling twice a year would be something like:

1st cycle - 500mg test
2nd cycle - 600mg test
3rd cycle - 500/600 test plus 350mg npp/400 EQ/400 Deca
4th cycle - 500/600 test with 500/600 Deca or 500/600 EQ

and so on. If that took you two years, I think that'd be a sensible enough progression. Once you've done 5 or 6 cycles you can start to get a little crazy if you like.

That's just my opinion, but I definitely think 500mg is a great starter dose with plenty wiggle room to adjust.


Reading this wouldnt 250 weekly be considered more of a TRT dosage or slightly above? For instance I have been on 200 weekly for TRT and never considered a performance enhancing dosage. Why would you want to start anyone in a therapeutic dosage range when that is not what they are looking for? This seems to be the bottom of the barrell with regards to a beginners cycle and is likely where you should start. At least this is how I am understanding it.

I have toyed with the idea with doing a cycle and 500 would be my starting dosage. Also if you only planned on doing a cycle twice a year, is it absolutely necessary that you would have to move up from the same dosage?

Please understand I am deferring to you guys and am just curious


Not necessary in the least. You could continue to make good gains on 500 for a good few cycles. Particularly so if you are on TRT (no loss during PCT).

Having said that, a big strong dude like yourself would probably let curiosity get the better of him and bump the doses up a little each time. It's hard to resist. Maybe you'd add 4 weeks of drol here, maybe a few hundred mg of Deca there. Got a holiday planned? Maybe just a smidge of masteron to harden up a little before then...

Never underestimate the power of the dark side.


Yeah man, exactly why I am hesitant....I know my mantality and how obsessive I could get.


you'll be fine mate, they're honestly not as addictive as everyone says.

Oh sure, the temptation's there just to blast high doses, but so what? It's no different to the temptation just to get drunk all the time, or quit your job and spend your days smoking loads of weed and watching cartoons.

Just handle your business like a man. So what if the shit's addictive? Just have some willpower.

Don't underestimate yourself, brother. You easily have the willpower.


My doc has me on 100mg every two weeks for TRT (no where near enough). I basically do 250 per week and continue to make gains over time. I've done 500 (blood spot test showed me over 1600 total test at 6 week mark) in the past and made gains but truthfully don't see a huge difference between the 2 so instead of spending more money I cruise at 250.

The reason I suggested it mostly is I've known others who have done 250 and made gains by adding an oral to the mix. I guess all I'm saying is don't underestimate a lower dosage. Obviously the gains will come at a slower pace, but a safer and healthier pace; especially for a guy who is 24 years old.

I too have often thought about adding Var in for a few weeks on top of what I normally dose on test to see the affects of it. Someday.....


Good points...I appreciate it.


100mg every 2 weeks....wow thats extremely low. My doc had me on 400 every two weeks, which was ridiculous to take at one time, so I decided to go renegade lol, 200mg weekly pinning subq EOD. The only issue I have from this and its not a big deal is rotating injection sites, and false T readings when I get blood work.

Sorry for the hijack


False t readings? Why would you have false t readings?


Not my words but words from someone I trust and many others trust with regards to your question

"The bloodwork will pick up the total amount of T in your system which will peak within 24 hours of an IM shot, but that is the TOTAL T including all the T that still has an ester attached and is therefore not able to bind with the androgen receptor at that point. In other words a false reading"