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Anavar and Test 400 Cycle?


Hi guys looking for some advice on running an anavar and test cycle 40mg a day possibly 60 Mg of anavar and 2ml of test a week on a Monday and a Friday trained cardio for the last 6 months to get from a 17st fat unfit bloke to 12 stone with a good fitness level I have been left with a lose stomach area because of the rapid weight loss I am happy with my current shape I just need to cut I have read alot about using a test base to run an anavar cycle but a friend has used anavar only and has had great results I understand the risks attached with it read up quite alot just looking for some advice if anyone can help I'm 25 15% bf weighing 12st 4lbs I've been told that using test with anavar will help in case of a shut down and bulk out my stomach and abs and leave me with a good shape should I also use tymox ? Any advice would be fantastic thanks


Dont know anything about anavar but I can say if you are splitting days Monday and Thursday makes more sense since your split days are a little uneven


Erm...... First off you need to learn to use full stops and commas when you write.

Are you sure you've read up a lot? If you had you would probably know exactly what answers coming.