Anavar and T-bol for >35 Lifter

  1. is my favourite site for several years. I do remember the first weeks and first articles written by Ch.Poliquin, Gang of five and Behind the scenes. You T-Nation authors do a great job! Thanks.

  2. I am connected with professional sport: kayaking first and than rugby for almost twenty years. I decided to quit it now because of health problems: elbows and right ankle especially.

  3. Of course I’m not going to quit lifting.

  4. I’m going to start mild cycle - and oral only. Why oral: promise to my wife. It will be easier to hide pills than needles. Small lie - please don’t inform her…

I am not looking for dramatic weight gains. I don’t need them. My stats:

high: 185 cm
weigh: 101 kg

bench press max: 172,5 kg
deadlift max: 225 kg
squat max: 230 kg

I live in Poland: when you look at polish lifters you can imagine that we have no problem with juice access. So finding good and legit stuff straight from pharmacy is rather easy.

Why anavar: for strenght reason mostly and I still believe that something is able to help my joints

Why t-bol: I want to add some synergy effect to so mild stuff like anavar

Cycle duration: 6-7 weeks


Anavar: 50 mg every day
T-bol: 40 every day

Afters the cycle clomid of course.

After this rather long explanation my question: t-bol plus anavar. Your opinion?

What is your wife’s objection? Sorry she does not see things the way we do. Have you tried educating her? Though I know this is not as easy as it sounds because every time I have tried to educate my parents they become suddenly psychotic on me.

I’ll leave the actual advice to the question you are asking to those more experienced than myself, however, oral only, as you must know, is not a great idea.

This is a cycle that I will do, when my situation permits. I guess that means I think it’s a good one.

Thanks Bros.

Cortes: roids education is not easy. To many myths around. I don’t want to try it again.

Any comments about dosages? It will be about 90 mg daily.

Looks good, send me any left overs! :slight_smile:

Sure - I will add some pills to private message :).

So: the schedule is ready, the stuff is on his way. In 3 weeks time I will start my cycle.