Anavar and Prescription Meds

Hey guys,

Been a T Nation tourist for years and I’ve always found this site to be the most civil and knowledgeable so I figured if I had a question this would be the best place to start. Running 50mg of anavar (w test base) and I just recently had a breakout of mat herpes from wresting and I need to start a quick 3-4 days of acyclovir to clear it up. The acyclovir is taken orally 5x’s a day so I was just wondering what the best approach would be in regards to the anavar? Cease taking it until the funk is cleared up and continue? Or keep running it with acyclovir.

I’m only 1 week deep and was planning on running it for 6 total. I’m 39 and I’m on 250 mg test every 12 days just as a little boost so I can still hang on the mats with the young guys. Any help would be appreciated

I don’t think acyclovir has any known interactions with other drugs. You should be fine. I’m also pretty sure that it’s eliminated via a renal rather than hepatic means, so I can’t imagine it being an issue. But we have a few actual doctors on here, perhaps they could weigh in.

Good advice. Thanks for the input, I was curious if combining the two would be too much strain on my liver as well. Hopfedully one of the docs can weigh in. Appreciate the reply.

Haha I just realized hepatitic refers to the liver. Good thing I never claimed to be an intellectual.

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