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Anavar and Drug Testing for Powerlifting Comp


So I'm a young female and I did my first 8 week cycle of just 5mg/day of anavar. My cycle ended exactly a month ago and I'm wanting to compete this August. I keep trying to find information on if, in a urine drug test they'd be able to detect any traces of anavar from my first cycle. I'm having a hard time finding a definite answer on this so I thought I'd ask?


Just do an untested meet then. Problem solved.


Compete in untested federation there are plenty of them. If you compete in a drug tested meet I hope you get caught and I hope you get banned and embarrassed. Special place in hell for people who claim to be natural just because they suck and need drugs to be beat people who don't use them. Compete against other drug using competitors and see where you stand or don't compete at all.


Reed, I truly respect you!


OP is a troll. I hope.



Don't cheat, and if you do, may your humiliation follow you to the grave.


lol guys i think you're missing the point, i want to compete natty I did one cycle decided it wasnt worth it and havent taken any since and dont plan to ever again, i wanted to know if anybody knew how long it takes for that drug to completely leave your system because i want to compete natty.


NASA is a natural fed that allows for steroid usage 2 years ago or longer in certain divisions. I honestly think that is your best bet, as most others tend to be lifetime natural.


I am just as firmly against competing in a tested FED if you have done steroids (especially so recently) as everyone else in here. But... realistically what do you expect your numbers to be? I mean, no offense, but unless you're some kind of beast I doubt testing you will even cross their minds.


my current maxes are bench 165, squat 255, and deadlift 315, from taking anvar my bench and deadlift only went up 10lbs each which really isnt a big deal for me because that's how much i usually progress in that amount of time anyways. im in the sub jr class and i weigh 145lbs so yeah i think they might want to test especially looking at the current records right now for that particular class in the federations that i could join up with. im canadian so there isnt much choice her. but thanks for absolutely no help, i'll try to find non tested meets until it's been a full year and there is absolutely no way it could be in any part of my body by then


Sorry nobody wanted to help you cheat someone else out of a record? -_-


Thanks for asking how to blatantly cheat on a drug test because you don't want to take responsibility for the actions that YOU TOOK.


Let's just put it this way, the little amount you took - even as a female - makes very little difference anyway. Unless you have a certain look or are putting up certain numbers that are suspect, I wouldn't worry.

There are MANY who compete in tested meets - do drugs - and pass when tested.

Plus, it ain't like they're gonna throw you in jail. Who cares what everyone else thinks about it?

BUT.... be prepared for whatever consequences come your way if you do get caught. And as a young female lifter who doesn't medically need those drugs, it's not wise.


here's the deal: one cycle isn't gonna change one person from a non-placer to a champ, but the effects are long lasting... there's current research that shows that since some of the gains act on gene expression, they last for a really, really long time.


doesn't medically need the drugs? yeah no shit man, you know this is the steroid section right? save your preaching for some other board


Based on the half life you should pee clean about 4 weeks after halting usage.

And I find it rather interesting that people are attacking your ethics in a forum focused on illegal substances... people either need to recalibrate their moral compass or go to the nutrition forum


Do you really not see the difference here? come on you can't be that naive.


If all high level competition in powerlifting was drug tested, I would maybe agree. But that's not the case. There are soooooo many untested meets out there. They're everywhere. I actually rarely see meets in my area where testing is mandatory. It's usually an optional division.

OP, you readily admitted you added 20 lbs to your total with the Anavar. And you just finished a month ago. Your reasoning for doing a tested competition because steroids 'weren't for you' or whatever is bullshit. By that line of reasoning, I could do a 15 week cycle of 2 grams of gear a week, finish up and say "I didn't really like that, I'm not gonna do it again, it was a mistake", and then compete 6 weeks later in a tested comp, assuming the drugs had cleared. Would that be fair? Hell no. It seems like you're justifying your actions by the amount of weight you added to the bar being minimal. That makes zero sense. Are you going to finish the meet and then tell the meet director to take 20 lbs off your total to account for drug use? No? Didn't think so.


It's funny to me how you isolated one sentence in all of that.

Because it's a steroid section, there's no room for discussion?

There's no preaching going on. Do you think anyone who is on this forum or at least reading some of the information here doesn't have these questions?

Do you really want someone just jumping into something w/o being aware of the positives and negatives of going this road? Not everyone is as you are.

It's not morality - it's about health and how to best do what it is you want to do in the healthiest manner possible. If you want to ignore everything be my guest, but there are others out there who think differently.


OSU, what you're saying doesn't really seem to have relevance to the OP, and the sentiment was also a strange amalgamation of two distinctly different reasons not to use steroids. You suggested that she need to be prepared for the consequences of getting caught, and in the same breath that it's not medically wise to use steroids.

As to the first point: if she were caught, the consequence would likely be a long-term ban of some sort from the federation she was competing in.

As to the second: she plainly indicated that she has absolutely no intention of using steroids again, so the health risks are presumably irrelevant at this point. She has already inflicted any/all damage she will do to her body, if we assume she's being honest here.

This discussion had nothing to do with health. It has everything to do with a powerlifting competitor who plainly stated she wants to cheat, and asked how she can best accomplish this goal. That's why the discussion should be centered around ethics. There's absolutely room for discussion, and if you had weighed in on the ethical implications of her decision, I don't think anyone would have told you to quit your preaching.

You did make 1 point regarding said ethics, and I'll address that. You indicated that many lifters who use drugs compete in tested events and get away with it. This is absolutely true, but that doesn't legitimize the practice. In a sport where it's so easy to find untested competitions, it makes little sense to break such a rule. It sounds to me like the OP wants to compete in a tested comp because she doesn't feel like she got enough out of the steroids she took to be competitive in untested comps. This, in my opinion, is what makes her a complete asshole. She made a decision that she now regrets, and is trying to avoid the natural consequences of that decision by lying and cheating.