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Anavar and Dianabol Advice?


I'm looking to start my first cycle. I'm 5' 9" 140lb and Ive been training for almost 4 years now.
Currently I'm lean and moderately cut but for awhile Ive been trying to bulk and I've been getting no luck.

Looking into different anabolic roides, i found two that I think might suit me but I'm not sure which one to take or how to take it.
In the past all Ive taken is 3 straight months of Carbolin 19, which did nothing in my opinion so i need something with a lot more kick.
Anavar and Dianabol

I've been told that both work extremely well for muscle and strength gains.
I'm thinking somewhere around 5/10mg per day for 4 weeks on 4 off.

Which one does everyone think would best suit me?
Does the pattern look good?
Do I need anything else while, pre, post, taking them??


Anavar is not a very strong muscle builder - the doses you suggest (even if tripled) are far too low too.

Honestly - and i HATE saying this as, it is honestly said so often and has become a cliché - you need to eat more.

I was talking to an old school friend i saw in the gym the other day and he was asking about my diet - considering he has been stuck at a certain weight for so long - when i told him the intensity of which it is necessary to eat for a slim man to gain weight, he was taken aback.

If you are naturally slim - an ectomorph, the amounts of foods needed to increase size are absolutely out of this world.
You need to eat until you feel sick, wait an hour and eat more before you have stopped feeling sick! It is a full time job and takes some serious dedication and planning (ESPECIALLY if you work full time too, family, etc)

It depends how much you want it.




Yeah Brook I wouldnt bother with this one. No gear for you. Eat more than a 12 yr old girl and you'll gain weight. You're 140lbs. You dont eat.



This has to be a joke.


Should I assume your birthday to be 12/30/91? In that case, you're too young. At 140 lbs at 5'9", you're too small (regardless if your goals involve not getting hyoooge, even gaining lean muscle to get to 200 lbs is not out of the question). Those dosages are too low to be worthwhile (IMO), especially for a first cycle.

FFS, have you read the stickies? You have to do some of your own research as well. If you're not sure how to take them, then you clearly haven't done it. Unless someone feels compassion for you, you're not going to be spoon fed information.


Brook, Ive already heard that I need to eat more but Im already doing it and it STILL does nothing for me.
My metabolism doesn't allow me to naturally bulk no matter how hard I try. I went on a 5000 cal/day diet (2000 were protein drinks) and its still did nothing.


If you can't gain weight on 5000 calories per day when you're only 140lbs standing 5'9", you must have a tapeworm. Get that checked out and let us know the results. Then someone will help you with your diet.


Post your diet. I have a hard time believing that.



its not a specific diet, im just eating all day long and then at the end of the day if i dont hav enough i just drink as many protein drinks as i need to fill it out. usually two.....


What did you eat yesterday? List the food from morning til night, and it's serving sizes.


If you're only 140lbs and your training is on point and you arent gaining weight then the only thing holding you back is your diet. you arent consuming enough calories.



3 eggs, 6 strips of bacon, 2 pieces of toast with heavy butter, 2% milk (20oz glass i think)

snacked with a tigers milk bar

lunch: foot long double meat ham subway sub, bag of Doritos, protein power Naked Juice (440 cal)

around 4: 2 pieces of cheese pizza, 12oz Dr. Pepper

dinner: Steak fajita burrito from Chipotle, 24oz Coke

1 protein drink (1000 cal)


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x2 on the tapeworm.

The thing is kid many of us here actually know what it is to eat that. Take myself, now standing at 210lb and 5'8 i find it a hella chore to eat that, and only touch that amount when bulking. Not only this, but i have (or had maybe) a very fast metabolism and don't gain any tissue easily.

A good estimate for one's BMR is the simple sum of LBM(weight-Fat%) x 10 = BMR. This is easily in the ball park i have found and is ample for determining a general picture of someone on a forum. Of course you need to know the Active Metabolic rate really.. so lets assume you are EXTREMELY active and call that: BMR x 2.0 (which is so high, it is simply never achieved by a regular trainee).

As you are 140lbs and i would assume say.. 10%, then your LBM is just 126lbs(!). So your BMR is 1260kcals a day and your AMR at the highest of the top level is... 2520kcal/day. Lets EVEN round that up to 3000kcal a day (which having been 140lbs i am confident you could gain on)

I train people and have lots of experience with caloric intake and expenditure, and how this relates to bodyweight etc.
Now, aside from it being difficult to eat 5000kcals in the first place, someone with your LBM who was to actually eat 5000kcal for the necessary length of time WILL gain weight. The truth is, many people believe they are eating 5000kcal (or whatever) but do not count, do not keep it up or both. If you estimated it, you were wrong. If you just did 1 week - it wasn't long enough. If you TRULY ate that much for 2, 3 or more months then you either A) need to get the worms taken care of, B) need to get the hyperthyroidism issue taken care of or C) need to stop running 5-10 miles a day alongside your 4-5x/wk weights and manual labour job..

This is what i think - if you aren't a BS'er - and if you are, maybe a lurker will benefit from the 5 mins i spent on that :wink:


Yeah - with a diet like this you clearly have nutrition COVERED.. You need to start injecting drugs if you aint gaining on that bro.


That might look like a lot to you, but let me assure you, it isn't! You probably also think that since you're a skinny bastard, junk food is OK for you. However, your worst enemy as a skinny guy are simple sugars which fuck up your insulin sensitivity and thus prevent metabolic processes involved in muscle building.

If I were you I'd cut out ALL THE JUNK, even avoid milk because of its sugars and pick up some more eggs (scrambled you can easily eat 10 of 'em in 1 setting) and other cuts of meat!

Edit: BBB beat me to it.


i used to be the skinny kid from wrestling. i wrestled 157 last year in college and walking around at 165 this march. i was 207 two weeks ago at my doctor. my cholestrol jumped 30 points but my strength shot through the roof. im planning on competing at 181-198 in october.

Daily meals look like:
breakfast 5-7 whole omega 3 eggs. 2 cups of oatmeal. chicken or beef and spinach or fruits. 24 oz 2% milk
between meals i snack on whatever i can get my hands on. mostly with bars and things like trail mix, pb sandwiches.
lunch at least 16 oz of red meat with some chicken thrown in. normally 2ish sandwiches. probaly egg salad. 3 glasses chocolate milk, 32 oz gatorade
more snacking
dinner is where i thrived on mamas cooking =)
steak, chicken, rice, potatoes, some veggies for taste. lots of milk, lots of water.

after lifting/before dinner i had more eggs. normally id cook some portuguese sausage, toss that on 2 cups rice and throw 3-4 over easy eggs on that, mix and down.

and this wasnt hard. this was just high calorie eating. trust me, you can gain.


kk i gotcha guys