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Anavar and Dbol


Hey guys,

My buddy is running a oral only cycle which I know is frowned upon however he's a collegiate athle (division 3) and is an end so for him to run an injectable wouldnrt be the smartest with drug testing. Anavar along with dbol are clear out of his system by the time he would get tested. It startedx as a 6 week anavar cycle at 60mg ed..now he is going to run 25mg of dbol for the first 4 weeks.

Is this something that would mess up his season? The var isn't as concerning but I'm wondering about the dbol..he's about 235 pounds and 6'4" for stat purposes..about 15% bodyfat so the var will do nicely and the dbol will give him alittle more bulk..ai on hand alond with a mild pct to be safe

What's your opinions?

And this isn't me I know many will think I'm lying but I'm rjunning a test e with dbol cycle at the same time as my friend..this is for him not me



He is going to need the AI and a PCT...i'm not sure what you mean by "mild" pct.


What do you mean 'mess up his season'. Im not following what your concern is??


Prob means getting suspended???


your friend is an idiot


Dbol is detectable for 6 weeks.
Anavar 3 weeks.

Test Suspension is miles better than either and detectable for 1-3 days.
If you can't get it test prop is only detectable for 2 weeks.


Thanks guys for the posts. His concern isn't being tested its the dbol that's the concern only because of the extra water retention and not as clean of gains making him slower and losing speed from it..his concern is losing athletisism from it..I shuld have specified that. And by mild pct I mean a 3 weeker not 4. Not really mild..poor choice of words. Think he should just run 4 weeks and do it right


Any extra water weight will be lost after you're done with the cycle. If you're worried about the impact of the extra weight on performance, then just make sure you don't completely eliminate speed or agility type training during your cycle so that you don't feel miserable from the shock of weight gain the first few times you step on the field/court/ice/whatever in the preseason. If you aren't training like an idiot, i.e. you're training appropriately for your sport, then you should come into the season performing better than before.


that's the first time i've heard of someone worrying about steroids making them less athletic


A steroid like dbol for an athlete isn't the best choice based on its sloppy gains instead of a cleaner gain like test e or anavar. Not saying he's gonna mess everything up but using right before a season isn't somethin to mess around with esp at a collegiate level. But ya he will be matintaining a good diet and agility work and lifting based on the sport he's playing and all of the workout will be dorected for football.


Im runnin the same cycle.. We will have to compare


Guess you've never heard of Tren.


Tren does not make you less athletic, it can create some cardiovascular/respiratory issues for some users but it is tolerable for the majority. Tren is one of the most incredible and useful compounds at the disposal of experienced athletes (O lifters, bodybuilders, strongmen, etc.)

Guess you've never actually tried trenbolone acetate.....

and if you have but had shitty sides then that is unfortunate for your genetics, dont bash the compound


This makes no sense.


Bodybuilding and strongmen aren't really the athletism I'm talking about. Other sports like football basketball baseball is what I'm talking about athletisism