Anavar and Dbol Cycle

dbol is hepatoxic. Is test?

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I also think there is merit to this idea. One of the big upsides to Test is that we have ancillary drugs to control many of the negatives that come with taking a lot of it. To much E2 (side effects), well you can titrate an AI while doing blood work to get you no more side effects from E2. To much androgenicity (acne, hair loss, body hair gains), you can take a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor which will likely still have you in the normal range for DHT while blasting.

Yeah, it is more drugs, but I think the impact to lipids, BP, liver / kidneys isn’t as bad with that approach (compared to running lots of AAS compounds).

I do think using a compound that is good for performance (strength and or endurance) can make sense to add to Test though. Like I get stronger with high dose Test, but a bit of something else in addition to it can double the strength gains it seems.

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Most people will supplement cycle with some oral anyways.
Also hepatoxicity of steroids is overrated in a culture where painkillers and alcohol is something we take daily. Just skip a few beers and ibuprofenum and youll probably balance it out. My ast and alt are around 100 for years. Does not get worse when on orals. Does not get better when off also tho.

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Nah anyways guys like @throwawayfitness @mnben87 and @Andrewgen_Receptors make solid points, i have to withdraw and agree.

Still think that one can do a cycle or two with dbol as base or solo. Doesnt differ much from a stand point of recovery.


Yes. Why take an AI?

Yeah, the whole thing lol.

Oral only is not recommended, but it’s also not totally without gainz. You’ll shut down either way, at least the Dbol supplies the e2 you’d need. The AI and SERM use are overkill, and your PCT is likely overkill as well.

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I agree. You can run those DHT-based orals for a few weeks before you feel the supression and eventual shutdown. How long is prolly different for each guys. As an “oral only” cycle, his isn’T horrible, but is also brutal for his liver and lipids. As a short burst, I get it. As long as he’s not expecting these huge, keepable gains from seomthing like this

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I might be over reacting to this comment about “keepable gains”, if so, please correct me.

IMO no AAS gains are 100% “keepable” Off cycle you will regress some. (This is a good case for having a cruise strategy.) I always looked at AAS use as 2 steps forward “on cycle” and 1 step backward “off cycle.”

100% “keepable”? No. But each cycle is built upon the previous cycle. If you want to be competitive, IMO, that is your strategy. (I never knew about cruising, so I only cycled, usually 8 weeks on followed by 8 weeks off, and repeat.)

I also believed in starting with the lowest effective dose to get results. As you get more muscle, then slightly increase the dosage.

Also, IMO, Ciba’s Dianabol was the most effective AAS milligram for milligram. (Though because of the stress on the liver, it makes for a poor choice AAS to cruise.)


Yeah I just meant not assuming the water and quick weight gain from the Dbol would be real, permanent muscle. I get what you’re saying tho, maybe I should have worded it differently.