Anavar and Dbol Cycle

Would 50 mg anavar and 20mg dbol work for a 8 week cycle or would that shut me down? I’ll be taking an AI. Any advice would be great

Anavar and DBol will both shut you down. AI does nothing to prevent this, only reduces estrogen.

Please read up on this stuff.

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That’s what I hear, the big guy at the gym said it’s what he did as a beginner

On cycle 6-8 weeks
0.25 mg arimidex EOD
10mg nolva EOD
50mg var( split into 25 mg segments)
20mg dbol

(Week 1)60 mg clomid everyday
(2) 50 mg
(3) 40mg
(4) 30mg

Anything you would do different?

RIP e2 levels. The big guy in your gym is an idiot.

Best beginner cycle is Test only at 500mg/wk.

Read these:

If it is pharmaceutical grade Dbol, 20mg will work just fine for a first cycle. My cycles the first 6 years were solely Dianabol. I started with 10mg/day for 8 week cycles on and 8 weeks off.

BTW, it was rumored that Casey Viator would take “a blue, a pink, and a white” without telling Arthur Jones. (Those are Dianabol, Winstrol, and Anavar.)


But @RT_Nomad, tell me you are just toying with us. It says right here that CV wasn’t on any of those evil muscle builders :slight_smile:

Was this after the Colorado Experiment?

Casey was not on steroids during the Colorado Experiment. Arthur Jones was clearly against anabolic drugs of any kind and made this clear in all his writings. He noted in his report on the Colorado Experiment that “the use of so-called growth drugs (steroids) is neither necessary nor desirable.”

In anticipation that Casey might be accused of taking drugs during the experiment, Arthur hired the toughest guy available to shadow Casey 24/7. Who was this guy? It was Tom Wood, and I’ve spoken with Tom several times about his participation in the Colorado Experiment and he confirms Casey did not take anabolic steroids during the 28-day study.


Surely the Colorado Experiment has been repeated, considering it’s massive success, no?

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All they need is another genetic freak who was extremely successful at bodybuilding and quit lifting and juicing for a couple years and the Colorado Experiment could easily be duplicated.

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My comments about the rumored AAS use by Casey Viator happened long before the Colorado Experiment. He trained under Arthur Jones for many years, starting in 1970, or earlier.

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It’s time…


I mean it is obvious Casey was using AAS. I’d bet the house on it.

I also wanted to step in and defend the mentioned “big guy”.
When i started, 30mgs of non-pharma dbol was something every teen did as a first cycle.
Normally i would be against not using test as a base, BUT… its because i support the idea of blast and cruise. Now when i think of this, i dont see any difference between using only dbol for first cycle and using test for the first cycle. If you come off you are still shut down, and you still do the PCT bullshit and the success rate of recovery is probably the same.
There is really no difference what is the single drug you take if you plan to come off and start with no natural test anyways.

that will defintely shut you down… every steroid and sarm will shut you down. that is why the pct bullshit is in order for those who play this russian roulette.

I dont believe you will notice Anavar if thats a first cycle. Id just do 30-50mgs of dbol solo. If you manage to recover and want to gamble again you can repeat the cycle and add anavar and then see if you can spot the difference. Now if we talk serious oldschool and doing dbol solo you can do the pyramid shit we used to do(dont have any explanation why tho) and do like wk1 - 20mgs, wk2 - 30mgs, wk3 - 40mgs, wk4 - 50mgs, wk5 - 50mgs, wk6 - 40mgs , wk7 - 30mgs, wk8 - 20mgs… see if you feel the difference in these dosages on the way.

Taking into account what i mentioned before…why? Why is solo test better than solo any other steroid? Like, i would normally agree with u, but now i questioned myself and i dont have the answer. Do you?

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I think there are a few steroids that make sense to take solo, but not all. You want to have something that can give you anabolic effects as well as support at least some estrogen production. I would say that things like MENT, Dbol, and Nandralone (if dosed high enough to get decent levels of E2) could be used solo (as well as Test, obviously).

I’ve heard a lot of negative stories about people running solo AAS that do not convert to E2. I think the duration matters for this. One can get away with like 4 weeks of Winny, Tbol, Anavar solo, because they only really have a short amount of time with low E2 levels.

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Yea ok, i can agree with this.
My problem was that when i said “any other steroid” i automatically assumed the ones i have heard people using as solo. But yea, definetly, even tho solo Deca was a thing i wouldnt bet my money on that. Then again deca and dbol was the classic cycle when i grew up. We didnt even know what test was. It was all - start with dbol, then go deca and dbol. And there was this saying that if deca and dbol doesnt bulk you, nothing will. Probably dbol fixes the deca no estro deal.

Yea, definetly agree with the fact that e2 production is important. Anyways, no reason to not use solo dbol or anadrol vs test… if you come off with 0 test anyways, whats the difference.

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Test is a very common baseline for most cycles, thus it makes sense to start with Test - unless you intend to run either DBol or Tren as your base for every cycle from here on out. I wouldn’t recommend Tren to newbies because it’s like skipping over weed and going straight to heroin… there’s just kind of a natural progression to bad ideas, you know?

I also think Test is the most well-understood AAS and many genuinely big guys (Dante Trudel, for one) recommend just increasing dose instead of finding every designer drug to stack onto your blast. This makes sense to me.

@throwawayfitness I hardly saw a difference, but maybe if the dude had actually spent more than a week in the gym before pinning AAS, we’d have seen a bigger change.


Yea, good point since we will use test as a base.
But then again - we can just not and we can use dbol as base. Like if we cycle anyways, we can do dbol + everything we would stack with test anyways. You can always just do dbol as a base, then add var or winny like OP wanted to. You can add tren or deca. EQ. Anadrol. Almost everything can be done with dbol as base.

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I don’t disagree; it’s just common practice to stick with solo test for first cycles - I think the littany of meatheads who have tried this and succeeded speaks volulmes as to why this should remain common. This whole niche was built upon tribal knowledge of bigger guys, and the common concensus seems to be solo test for first cycle. Perhaps availability and/or pharma grade had an impact here as well.

the comedy is in the comments.

forgot to post the after photos

took tylenol not dbol…

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Are you referring to CV?