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Anavar, Advice

I’m 19 years old and when I started lifting 4 years ago I was 131lbs and 6% bf, Skinny. Now I am about 180lbs and 9% body fat so I have gain a lot of muscle mass in the past 4 years, for me that is.

ps, I’m 160lbs in the picture, 20lbs heavier now;)

Anavar is not risk free at an effective bodybuildng dose.

Yes you would need a PCT.

Why would you post a picture of your face and openly talk about your plan to use illegal drugs? Use some common sense.

only 160 here

delete that picture you idiot

i would use Tbol instead

[quote]YoungTest wrote:

Please don’t explain how I should “stay natural.”

Lol this is the steroid forum…

Anyways kid, you are too young.

Having said that, an oral only cycle is a dumb idea.

Anavar is too expensive.