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Anavar 50 mg BD, is it Real? Pic Attached


Anavar 50 mg BD, bright orange, is it real?


Take them
If you get bigger and stronger, then they are real.
If nothing happens, then they are fake.
If you get bigger and stronger but die in the end, then they are real but bad quality.


BD should have a website you go to to confirm there authenticity.


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wait... after that whole "omgz that cycle i did was the worst decision i ever made im never gonna touch steroids again, not to mention i lost all my gains" youre back at it?



most likely a copy, just like all the BD dbol's floating around. Could be good, take it and see.


"Im 5'10,When I entered college (this fall) I weighed 180lbs 9%bf, I was on a test cycle that ended august 25th. I now weigh 164lbs. I will admit using steroids was the worst/irresponsible choice. My testes are still not back to their normal size, and my once perfect body is gone...does anyone have any suggestions for a lost kid. AND for the record I realize how stupid it was to take roids at 18."



You can't fix stupid.


Like has already been said, its probably a copy, but that doesn't mean its not good. There are some shitty copies, and there are some copies that as great.

Try it and see.

Since steroids were such a bad decision last time you took them, and you lost like 20lbs of muscle....maybe this time you can do even worse and get down to 120....


The BD name itself is still around. IP uses the BD and QV labels, and I'm pretty sure there are 10 and 50mg "BD" anavar tabs. Never touched any of their stuff so that's all I can say on the matter.


true enough


im selling it haha


i really hope so but im having a hard time believing that


I would suggest that in the future you say "I'm throwing it away." Even if the risk is minimal, admitting to selling illegal drugs on an open internet forum is less-than-prudent.




It's prob from IP. I remember the original BD back in the day,top notch gear. I've heard the new product was solid too. Try it!


CLEARLY you can't fix stupid.


I have taken these exact ones and they are legit. I doubted it too especially with the price that I got them for but they are all good.


All BD and QV products are now produced by IP in china, the 50mg anavar are real, i have used them and they are excellent...as some of the older members know i'm not exactly a rookie at this. It is no mystery that IP has been doing this for years, that is why the market is still full of BD and QV ...it's still ebing made in asia, he just copied the labels and packaging etc. Not exaclty sure why he did this but i can vouch that it is all very effective. I flat out loved those 50mg anavar.


how much do these usually go for?