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Anavar 20 mg Cycle


i am 21 years old , i have bulked up naturally for 4 years , now i want to go for cutting

i am planning to do 20 mg anavar cycle for 4-5 weeks and never take any kind of steroids again

will 20 mg cycle for 4 weeks shut down my natural test production ?

how about 10 mg ? 15 ? low doses of anavar does not shut down natural test production right ??

i am 197 pounds 15% body fat , my goal is to be 5% body fat and preserve muscle , i take anavar for preserving muscle during cutting

i did some research and i found out anavar is the safest steroid

does low doses of anavar produce any side effects like liver toxicity ?


Do i need any PCT if my natural test production shuts down ? is there any estrogen related side effects ?

studies and web sites say anavar does not convert into estrogen , will my body start producing estrogen after i stop anavar ? can i take some anti estrogen like clomid , can i take LIV 52 after anavar cycle for liver safety?

if my natural testosterone production happens to come down , will any test boosters like tribulus be a good choice to boost the natural test levels ?

thank you for replies in advance , help would be very much appreciated

i have tried natural cutting twice but i loose little but muscle mass if i cut down naturally


To be honest i /facepalm'd when I read your post.

1) 20mg of anavar will do what? That's a very very low dose
2) one cycle and after that no more AAS? Lol, where did I hear that again?
3) Anavar will shut your HTPA down
4) For cutting why don't you take winstrol for 6 weeks?
5) Yes, you will need PCT. For an anavar cycle I'd say Nolvadex at 20/20/20 (if you plan on taking Anavar for only 4 weeks lol)
6) It's not very harsh on the liver, so at such a low dosage and only 4 weeks you don't need to worry. Not even about muscle gains!
7) Natural test boosters... SERM PCT: read stickies

After reading this again, you're not ready for AAS. Read some more please. Do yourself a favour.


thanks for the reply

i prefer one cycle because i will reach my goal in just 1 cycle of anavar

i prefer anavar over winstrol because the possibilities of abusing anavar is low compared to winstrol

if anavar shuts HTPA down , is it reversible

thank you again for recommending PCT , i know i am not completely ready for AAS , doing my research whether or not to take them



8) 'naturalbuilder'


LOL aren't they all :wink:)

To OP:
Explain to me abusing Anavar versus Winstrol?

When you are on cycle your HTPA is shut down. To undo this you must ALWAYS do a PCT. I prefer Nolva over Clomid.

Again, 20mg of Anavar will do nothing.


i have less knowledge about steroids

side effects of anavar would be nausea , liver problems , change in libido , skin problems rarely

but winstrol side effects would be acne which can be worse, i think anavar will not cause acne

winstrol is inexpensive compared to anavar , which makes anavar high quality IMO

it is not possible to make strength gains from winstrol - winstrol is purely a cutting drug

but i would say anavar is 80% cutting drug , 20% it promotes increase in strength

thank you for suggesting Nolva for PCT , much appreciated for advice


will my balls grow back to the normal size after using nolva or clomid for PCT ?


[quote]naturalbuilder wrote:

winstrol is inexpensive compared to anavar , which makes anavar high quality IMO

it is not possible to make strength gains from winstrol - winstrol is purely a cutting drug

1) Your reasoning is flawed. The cost differences between the two doesn't necessarily reflect on the 'quality' of their effects. Many factors affect the cost of any given good (e.g. relative scarcity, production costs, etc.) The quality will depend, ultimately, on the product you hold in your hand, not the price. Shitty anavar will still cost more than awesome winstrol.

2) If you think that "it is not possible to make strength gains from winstrol," then that goes to show that you haven't done nearly enough research. I would suggest that you spend a great deal more time reading. Typing "steroid profiles" into google would be a good place to start.

Good luck.


So you think that taking 20mg of var is going to loose you 10% bf in 6 weeks?


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I second this. Go away.


Dude i agree with whats been said here already. At 21, you likely have a lot more room to make some significant gains naturally. The only reason Im posting on this is because i am a big fan of var despite the negative opinions of it. Also, I empathize with where you are as a beginner...

You likely was turned on to a video or some info that told you that steroids "arent bad" and "people dont die from using them" etc. and decided to do a little research and found that anavar was the "safest steroid" and made up in your mind to try a low dose.

Fair enough...but let me tell you my perpesctive, since you will likely go out and run a cycle inspite of what others are saying here..

20mg of Avavar will help you hold on to a bit of muscle while cutting, if you run it 6 weeks or more. (which you may be asking for trouble if you run it longer than 6 weeks). And you better make sure your diet is perfect. Either way, dont expect any sort of miracle from this! At best, you may have some decent pumps in the gym & you may be slightly harder during the cycle.

In the times i have done Anvar, ive found no need for PCT. But, this is just my experience. Always be prepared to run PCT after a cycle!!!

Best advice...be patient and wait a while before running a cycle. I know you are probably anxious about this, but everyone here can tell you, steroids are not miracle drugs! You still have to train very hard and eat right!!! Since you have to this anyway, save your money and spend it on some good food & a few suppliments and in 8 weeks or more you can have the same results as you would with running 20mg of Anavar.


hi im on a var only cycle at 50 ED. just want to ask, i have a fever right now (not cause of var) ad im taking paracetamol, should i lower my dosage to 20mg first while im sick or should i stop it first while i have a fever?


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