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Anavar 10mg.


I remember back in the day(14 years ago)when I was taking Anavar you could only get it in 2.5 mg. dose. I now may have a reliable source who says he can get the stuff in 10 mg. strength. It's been a long time since I've paid attention to steroids so I was wondering if this stronger Anavar is a reality or is this guy giving me a line of bullshit. Thanks in advance.


While I can't 100% confirm this for you, I do think they are currently making such pills as I myself was recently told by my source that he could get me 10mg tablets.


Yes. 10mg. by Unimed (Solvay) pharm. U.S.


It may be from an UG lab...As far as I know, the highest concentration for mexican companies is 5mg...I'm not sure about human grade anavar from overseas.



you can get it oversea's in 10 mg dose's in a 30 scrip...i just ordered some i have a great source over there that ships me my gear....ANAVAR (British Dragon, oxandrolone) 10 mg...


Or, if you have the connections you can buy the powder and just scoop it out of the bag and into your mouth by the gram :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info.