Anatomy Text Books

Whats everyones opinion on the best anatomy text book out there?A therapist friend of mind told me Clemente’s Anatomy.Lets hear it people.

Gray’s(or was that Grey’s) Anatomy.

I’m in medical school… and we mostly use Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy. This one has just about everything anyone could ever need.
If you want good pictures of cadavers (which I’m guessing you don’t, but whatever) then I recomend Rohen Color Atlas of Anatomy. I don’t remember how much either of these cost.

I have heard of the Clemente book, but I don’t know enough to comment on it.
My personal opinion is that Netter’s would be your best choice.

Depends what you are after but Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy is a goodie

For a picture atlas, Netter is tough to beat. But it does not contain any text, so you’d have to go with a different source for that.

BG, i highly reccomend a book called human anatomy and physiology by elaine marieb, it taught me everything that i ever need to know about muscle structure, function, orientation and what ever else you want to know. I agree that you should get hold of a actually cadaver book as pictures look nothing like the real thing and even if you could identify teres major from minor in a book then you’d be hard pressed to get it first time on a body. hope that helps.

Netter’s is the best for detailed pictures. An expensive buy, but well worth the cost.

Netter for pics, Grays for detail and if you’re planning on operating in the near future (?!).
Hope this helps. SRS

I’m just repeating the above recs, but as a textbook Clinically Oriented Anatomy by Moore and Dalley is excellent. It is very detailed though and not many of my classmates (I’m in med school) use it much. As far as an atlas you can’t go wrong with Netter’s or the Rohen atlas.