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Anatomy Of The Elbow Extensors


Hey T-Nation! I am really confused about the elbow extensors.

I read this Exercises Never Tried, Vol. 7

The exercise: Anconeus Sidekick hitting the fourth elbow extensor.
I thought there were only the triceps :S

Is this muscle hit in ordinary triceps exercises like Dips & Skull crushers?

How does the medial head of the triceps look when fully developed?
Any pictures?


It's a wee muscle, that's probably why you hadn't heard of it; sorta like the VMO of the elbow. Other exercises do use it, but every once in a while it's a good idea to do something very specific for it to make sure it's firing correctly.



I wasn't aware the VMO was a wee little muscle...it makes up the inner part of your leg and looks goofy when its not built enough. I should know...