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Anastrozole with Low Dose TRT?


Hi gang, my doctor has me on 30mg of cypionate E3D. My question is with that low of a dose, do I actually need an AI? After my last E2 test my level was 69 pmol/L. He has prescribed .5mg twice weekly.


80 pmol/L is a good target and there is no need to actively go lower than that.

Please post lab results with ranges:

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KSman, here`s the numbers I was given by my doctors office:

TT-143.3 (14.8-94.8) nmol/L
FT-15.3 (5.80-28.00) nmol/L
SHBG-11 (13-71) nmol/L


The numbers are a bit odd.

TT is high, but FT is mid range. That often suggested elevated SHBG, but SHBG is low and there is not much E2 to elevate SHBG either.