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Anastrozole vs. TRT

Hi everyone,

Random question – has anyone used anastrozole as a mono-therapy? I can’t find any good info on this.

After I had my first TRT injection, in the first week I felt amazing, however in the second week I felt terrible. Second injection, the exact same thing.

However, the second time, after 2 weeks of the injection and while feeling very rough, I took anastrozole, and now I am feeling even better than I did from the TRT. Like, huge improvement within 1 day.

I am now wondering if E2 was my issue all along. I had my estrogen checked in 2016 and it was 28 (reasonable), but yeah, within a few days of tasking the anastrozole (25 mg a day), I feel great – libido back, energy, great mood.

Any thoughts? I’d rather not be on TRT if I don’t have to, however obviously not adverse to it. Should I discontinue TRT to try the anastrozole on its own, or is the anastrozole working so well because of the TRT?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have not, however I am aware of some who have. Mixed results. If you try this, I would make sure you are being properly followed with labs.

That speaks for just about everyone on this form, but if you have as legitimate medical need then you stay on for life.

Stopping TRT will mean testosterone will go to zero and you’ll stop producing estrogen, anastrozole on it’s own is a bad idea whether on TRT or off.

Thank you for your replies guys.

Be careful if you decide to continue fucking with anastrazole. Bad stuff happens with that shit.

Thanks alphagunner. Could you possibly give me a couple of specifics, or links to check out?

Just look up a user called physiolojic and start reading his posts.

A negative aromatase inhibitor presentation.

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