Anastrozole Twice a Week. Add a Third Dose?

Hey guys I’m currently taking 250mg of Test E Sunday mornings and 250mg Wednesday night. I take .5mg anastrozole the night of each injection, but I have been having some nipple sensitivity and I’ve been thinking about adding more anastrozole.

I know everybody is different, and I’ve seen some things say .5mg EOD, or .25 EOD, I was thinking about keeping my current schedule the same, but maybe add .25 of anastrozole Friday nights as well? What are your thoughts on this, or what would you recommend? Thank you!

Do you have any other symptoms that would indicate your e2 is too high?

I’ve caught myself being kind of moody lately, and my libido isn’t as high as it was a few weeks ago. That’s all I can really think of.

If this is your first cycle some nipple sensitivity is pretty normal. Usually it goes away on its own in 7-10 days. The mood and libido now that is a sign of high E2 but it still might not be high enough to hurt you. Let me ask you are you cycling to fuck or for the gym? For the first take the AI because a soft or limp dick is next. If the cycle is for the gym I would let the E2 rise it will protect your joints from the increased workload you should be putting on them. You can always bring your E2 down with your AI in the two week post cycle before PCT starts.

Thanks for answering! Honestly I’m kind of cycling for both reasons, my fiancé loves the increased sex drive, because before all of this I really didn’t have one at all, but I also train hard and live for the gym. Would you recommend me doing .5mg anastrozole EOD? Or stick to my current schedule of

Sunday 250mg Test E and .5mg anastrozole
Wednesday 250mg anastrozole and .5mg anastrozole

Then just add .25mg of anastrozole on Friday to help?

Have you reached your T steady state? How long have you been on this cycle?
T cyp reaches SS in 40 days anastrozole reaches SS in 10 days.
You are already discribing high E2 signs and I don’t mean the nipple thing. Your E2 and prolactin have to be over range for 8-12 months before real gyno could start forming.

I’m on Dr. prescribed TRT as well, but I have been on this current cycle for about 4 weeks now, I had low T, and high E before I even started TRT thats why I was so worried about my E getting too high now.

Ok well 4 weeks is about the time your cycle should start kicking in. Are you feeling any stronger at the gym or is your recovery from an extra hard session gotten shorter?
I am on week 12 of my current blast so I will be coming down over the next 2 weeks Back to TRT lvls.

If you had E2 issues before TRT were you overweight? Body fat is where T converts to E2 so the more fat you have the higher your E2 can get. Losing the body fat is the best way to get to cut down on the AI.
To keep your libido up I’d stay with the anastrozole. If you joints start getting clicky or you get depressed for no reason those would be signs you have taken to much AI.

Before TRT I was probably between 18-20% bodyfat. Arms back and chest always looked lean but I didnt have visable abs. Since TRT I have seen improvements everywhere, and since the blast I have noticed I have been recovering even faster, and my workouts have much more intensity! Do you think .5mg of anastrozole would be ok to take Sun, Wed, and Friday if I’m injecting 250mg of Test E Sunday mornings, and 250mg Wednesday night?

1.5mg/wk sure just keep track if you start getting the low E2 symptoms. Without bloods its a guessing game.