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Anastrozole Taste

Hi, it might sound dumb but how should original arimidex taste like? Never took it before and i didn’t find anything that could help me on internet. If that’s not the way you can spot the fake one then how can i find out? Many would probably tell me to find a good source and don’t waste time. I already did that but it still doesn’t make me feel safe. When someone offers me something i want to know myself if it’s legit or not in place of trusting the others and the reviews.
Thank you!

EDIT: I am talking about 1mg pills.

Your asking how 1mg of a drug taste that is probably preseed into a tablet?

1mg is a bit bigger then a grain of salt.

You probably won’t taste anything but the binder and filler of the tablet unless you have raw arimidex powder.


Mine is liquid and taste like crappy alcohol.

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That’s because it’s mixed in a solution that’s pure alcohol.