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Anastrozole Stomach Issues

Hey, hi!
First post on this page. I wanted to ask if anyone suffered with stomach problems whilst taking Anastrozole?

I started 0.25mg e3d around 2 weeks ago but suffered with a churning stomach and pounding head ever since, at first I thought I had a bug but the symptoms aren’t improving with time.

Should I stick with it and hope the symptoms improve or would you switch to aromasin?

Thanks in advance and seasons greetings!

What is your current protocol, and can you post your most recent labs with ranges?

Regarding the stomach churning, have you changed anything else besides taking the AI? Eaten at any restaurants around the time you started taking it? Have you seen a Dr concerning the headache and stomach issues? If so, what did they say?

Headaches and stomach issues are symptoms that can be caused from ANYTHING from food poisoning, to allergic reactions, all the way across the spectrum to being related to stress, or even worse, an internal organ issue. There really is no way to give you a definitive answer. All you can really do is rule things out.

If you suspect the pill, stop taking it for a few weeks and see if the symptoms go away.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

My current protocol is sustanon 250 0.3ml every 5 days, Anastrozole every 3 days,
Before the Anastrozole my t level was 1100 at peak and my E2 at 57, I had high E2 symptoms in the way of nipple tenderness, flaccid erections and extremely emotional which is why the AI was recommended.
Unfortunately I don’t have my latest labs at hand, they are saved on my PC at work.

On my wife’s advice I am going to stop the Anastrozole and see if the stomach issue resolves. I have aromasin on order so will start with this as soon as it arrives.

It does seem that the Anastrozole is the problem but wanted to check if anyone else had a similar problem.

Thanks again

I’m 12 weeks in to my TRT and finding it really difficult to get dialled in, I can’t feel the benefits yet, I guess I need to get the E2 issue resolved :-/

If I’m reading you correctly, you’re basically taking 75mg E5D of Testosterone. This isn’t an extremely high dose. Was the E2 test done using the sensitive assay?

How much excess fat are you currently packing around? Diet?

You may get E2 better in line by switching to more frequent injections. It could be that your SHBG is very low and the E5D protocol is causing the swings. Sorry I don’t have better info on your original question concerning the stomach issue. I don’t use an AI personally so I couldn’t tell you if it’s common to have those symptoms related to AI. The best I can tell you there is what I said before… drop the pill for a bit and see if the symptoms subside.

Hi, we don’t have the option of the sensitive E2 Test here in the UK (I don’t think)

I wasn’t sure if doing smaller more regular doses would help as sustanon has fast acting and slow acting esthers.

My waistline has vanished since starting TRT which I am very baffled about as I don’t have the energy to hit the gym yet. I’ve been ill (undiagnosed low T) for nearly 20 years, Main symptom being fatigue so I know it’s gonna take a while for me to start feeling better. Diet isnt brilliant, I eat cos I’m tired basically.

I will post my labs for you to look at this week when I get back to work and in the meantime I will drop the Anastrozole, I was just paranoid about the E2 getting out of control.

If we can pick things back up in a few days that would be great. TRT has been a lonely experience for me so I am grateful for your advice. Thank you.

You’re very welcome sir. There are a lot of good guys on this forum with WAY more knowledge than I have. Post your labs when you can and these guys will chime in as well I’m sure.

There are also several people on here that are in the UK, so they may be more helpful in regards to Sustanon specific questions (Test Enanthate and Test Cyp are the big players here in the states). @unreal24278 I think is in Aussie and that kid will blow your mind in regard to his knowledge on TRT. @physioLojik is a states-based gold mine of knowledge on the subject as well.

You are definitely not alone. The TRT ocean runs very wide and deep and I promise you that there are more of us out here floating around than you think. I was lucky enough to find this forum before I started TRT and my experience has been exponentially better than some of the horror stories that I read others sharing because of that fact. I owe that completely to the guys here and their willingness to help. It’s why I am so eager to try and offer any help where I can as well (even though that is quite limited as my experience is somewhat limited).

Hang in there man. You’re going to get it dialed in.

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Thank you so much for your positivity. I will be back in touch soon. Have a great day buddy.

Anastrozole can cause fatigue and weakness, all medications have side effects. High, low estrogen can also cause fatigue.

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Thanks for the input, I need to get bloods taken really soon, I feel so weird whilst taking this Anastrozole, it certainly doesn’t seem to suit me, I look poorly, the colour has drained from my face.
I need to control the E2 as I was getting symptoms, next port of call will be aromasin.!

Hi mate, sorry to disturb you, I didn’t want to start a new thread and because you took the time to reply to me, I wondered if you could offer me some more advice…

I have now been prescribed Aromasin to keep my high E2 at bay, they prescribed me 12.5mg EOD and wondered if you thought this was a high dose?

Just to quickly summarise;

Sustanon 250, 82mg E5D

T = 1100

E2 = 57

I need the AI because I have high E2 symptoms, but I read a post on here that says rule of thumb with Aromasin is 25mg to every 100mg of testosterone, which would mean my docs are wanting me to take a really high dose!

Would a better idea be to take 6.25mg EOD ?

Could you kindly offer me some advice as I am so worried about crashing my E2 levels?

Thanks in advance.

I wish that I could answer that for you man, but I’m afraid that I have zero experience with AIs. Maybe @systemlord or @Hostile can chime in and point you in the right direction?

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No problem, hopefully someone will chime in :slight_smile:

You may not like my advice. I would lower your T dose and focus on liver, gut health and reducing body fat. These are the 3 metabolizers or contributors of T to E aromatization/conversion. Your E symptoms will reduce naturally as those systems improve.

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Thanks for your input, much appreciated. Although I know you are correct, I know I will take the aromasin as I’m a worrier and want to nip the E2 issue in the bud, quickly for my own peace of mind.

I’m finding conflicting views on dosage and I’m not knowledgeable enough myself to make a concrete decision. Can you recommend anywhere I could find some advice on the aromasin dose or possibly tag someone in who is well knowledgable on the subject please?

I don’t want to start taking too much of it’s not required.

Thanks once again

I would start out taking the aromasin twice weekly and at the lower dosage, it takes 3-4 days for aromasin to reach maximum effect.

As for 25mg to every 100mg of testosterone being the rule of thumb, I don’t buy into this way of thinking as everyone is biochemically unique.

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This sounds like the answer I was looking for, I would rather start low and see what happens, thanks so much for the advice :+1:t2: