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Anastrozole Seems Ineffective

Has anyone ever had this problem over the last few years I’ve came off trt a few times, I’m currently 7 weeks off and despite taking anastrozole 1mg e3days I cant get estrogen to lower it was the same whilst on it seems totally ineffective for me, sleeps terrible and balls shrink then grow and shrink then grow multiple times a day, why would adex not work mental I’m very lean and despite having abs weather on or off there taking a hit

Why would you come off of trt, if your body is not making enough testosterone?

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Simple really despite every sensible protocol change my body would not allow it to work and given the fact my original post stipulated that aromatase inhibitors dont control my estrogen that’s entirely why I came off I tried proviron to control e2, I tried dim, I tried calcium d glucarate, I tried injecting tiny amounts sub q every other day it just wouldn’t work no libido nothing

What numbers are we talking about here? Where is your TT & FT & E2. I mean most guys dont need to control E2 at all.

Lost last labs all I know is I took two blood tests two days apart and the results as I remember were wildly different which I expected because I could feel the constant switching of symptoms it was unreal, I tried mitigating it by dropping dose to 25mg every other day sub q for slower release and using single ester enanthate and I was still all over the shop as I say my bodys reacting so unusual to medications its nuts

Have you tried not taking anything for 6-8 weeks and getting new labs?

Why are you obsessed with controlling E2 and not obsessed with having sufficient androgens to resolve symptoms? You’re doing it backwards.

A man NOT on TRT taking 2mg of Arimidex a week is borderline insanity.

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I took 7mg/wk, on script… I was probably around 12-13, through to age 15/16

AnD I tUrNeD oUt JuSt FiNe

In all honesty, I’m not going to put all my eggs in one basket. I don’t know why I’ve ended up riddled with pain/afflicted by numerous ailments. I’m sure anastrozole didn’t help, I legitimately believe anastrozole was the reason as to why I fractured my ankle at one point.

7mg/wk is also the dose employed to combat ER+ breast cancer. Have you ever had to deal hot flushes? It’s not fun #menopausesimulator. Better than cancer though