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Anastrozole Over Responder

From the Sticky:

“A few guys are anastrozole over responders. This is not known in the drug literature. These guys will get E2 in the single digits and will feel like crap physically and mentally. They may feel a spike of short lived libido as they fall through the E2 levels sweet spot. These guys need to take 1/4th or 1/8th of the expected anastrozole dose -something to watch for. If this is suspected, stop anastrozole for 6-7 days then resume at 1/4th the dose”

I think this is me…before starting anastrozole my tested E2 (Jan. 2017) was 54 so my doc (who is actually one of the good ones) put me on anastrozole. 1 pill per week in divided doses. I would take one pill and split it and take 1/2 a pill on the day I’d take 25ml of T (E3D). Retested my E2 yesterday and it did not register. So, I’m thinking I’m an over responder.

My question is how do you take 1/4th of the dose? If my math is correct, my dose is 1/2 a pill so 1/4 a dose is actually 1/8th of a pill? I don’t see any way to split that little brittle pill into 1/8th doses. I could probaby split it into 1/4’s and then take that once per week? Would that be the recommendation then?

It seems that i’d probably be better off taking less E3D when I take T? I thought I read somewhere that you could mix it with vodka? but I’m clueless on how this would work…would you then just shoot the vodka into your mouth? How much would you use…?? what do you mix it in…does it evaporate over time? Again, just completely clueless on how to do this.

thanks in advance for your help with this…

This is what I found with a quick search of just “vodka”. After my meeting with my dr tomorrow, I might do the same. Good luck!

Rather than doing the mixing, would it be acceptable to do 1/4 pill weekly or is that going to cause peaks and valleys in my E2?

So you are doing 75mg T per week? I believe it’s 1mg adex per 100mg T per week. I’m not a math person, but I am sure you can get your dosing of AI in tune with your T dosing to cover it. Do a search, I recently read where someone broke it down on how to get the dosing correct, but I can’t find it right now.

Good luck.

I’m doing 25ml of T every 3rd day so it’s to 50ml of T every 6 days…close to 50ml per week…which I believe is 100mg (50ml=100mg?). And I have been matching up the adex with the T…1/2 tab adex every T dose. With this amount, my E2 is not registering. So my doc said to cut the dose in half…but based on what i’ve read here, I think i’m going to stop taking for 6 or 7 days, then I’d like to start with 1/8th pill, but can’t cut them that small so is 1/4 pill once per week OK?

Raises hand - over responder here.

I currently take 1/10th of a 1mg pill twice a week, for a total dose of 1/5th, or .20mg.

I dissolved 4.5 pills into 9ml of vodka, then built a little spreadsheet like this to figure out dosage:

I put the mix into these little bottles, which I can fit into a standard prescription bottle.

I use a BD Oral syringe to dispense. It really couldn’t be any easier.

Don’t over-think it - it’s super simple. Drop pills in vodka, they dissolve. Shake bottle before dispensing.

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Hard to believe you didn’t register at all going from 54. Maybe it was a fouled up test.

Stop for ~ 5 days then resume at 1/4th the expected dose. Retest in 3-4 weeks. But if you feel great, no hurry.

Usually suggest 1mg per 1ml vodka and then the math is straight forward. Get a dropper bottle and count drops per ml and then do math and dispense by the drop. Note that drops per ml vary with water VS alcohol, the stuff dissolved and the material and shape of the dropper [surface tension effects]. Some use an insulin syringe to dose by volume. Concerned that alcohol might make plunger stick. Would need to remove the needle or needle carrier.

A undetectable result is the same as a lab failure result. Have seen that with LabCorp E2.

Can be the wrong lab ordered with a cut off level that is unsuitable for this kind of work. Do some research on what lab was ordered and what else may be available.