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Anastrozole on TRT

I’ve been on TRT for years with a relatively high dose (200mg) that I feel pretty good with. However, when I get tested, along with high test I also have high E2 (as expected), sometimes as much as twice the upper limit in Ontario with the non-sensitive test. I was thinking maybe I can try some anastrozole (not prescribed, can get from a bodybuilder friend) to see how that feels. There is no way anyone here in Ontario is going to prescribe anything other than the T and maybe HCG. Any thoughts?

If you are feeling good then why add another drug? If your T is raised then your E2 will be raised. Unless you are saying your TT is 600 and your E2 is 100 then we might need some more information.


Why do you want to do that?


This should have been the end of this post.

Don’t use an AI. You feel good. Who cares what the number says.


(name range result)
TESTOTERONE 7.6 - 31.4 43.9 nmol/L HIGH
ESTRADIOL <159 306 pmol/L HIGH

Both are higher than “normal” because I got the test the morning after injecting. The ratio is always pretty much that though, and usually T goes down to around 32-33 a few days after injecting.

I guess yeah, if I feel good then it’s fine, but I always think, what if I could feel better?

If you’re gonna try arimidex start at a very low dose, no point drastically changing a protocol that already works

I know allot has changed and it looks like you haven’t kept up with the industry news. I suggest you spend some time reading around and listening to videos by tot round table, dr Nichols, Nelson Virgil and etc.

Here’s the deal with ai. Take it only as needed and realize that there are benefits we can realize from estrogen. It’s not harmful like they used to say. Low estrogen is. It’s very harmful and beats on your well being.

The latest man to say this trains power lifters , body lifters and football players. He said that when the lifters take anastrazole or any ai he noticed a drop in strength. For body builders he said it’s fine because they take it pre completion, but that is it.

He found those athletes on ai would complain of joint pains and such. He himself used to take ai and realized a better well being when he stopped messing with his estrogen levels.

I have seen a few men around here who men have stopped the Ai and exclaimed they feel better, aches and pains gone, they sleep better, have more energy and etc.

I always tell myself: There is a reason our body converts t to estrogen. Method to the madness. It’s not for nothing nor a short circuit. This is how our body works.

Our body is a complex machine and we should try not to mess with it jsut becusse some lab range says we’re out of range.

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If T is optimized why not optimize other hormones. Look at pregnalone, dhea, vitamin d, DHT, thyroid and etc…

Maybe this is a good place to see if “it could be better”.

Hope that helps bro