Anastrozole Dosing?

KSman - thoughts on anastrozole 0.25 mg On the day of injection and the day after with doing your protocol of 50 mg in 2 injections per week adding in the HCG at 250iu every other day. My reasoning behind this is that does all of the estrogen convert immediately or does it convert over a couple days so spacing out the full dose of 0.5mg might control estrogen spikes better…thanks

It converts as the ester breaks down. And anastrozole has a 72 hour half life, so taking it on the day of injection makes sense if you’re doing them twice-weekly.

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That would work if you want to do it that way.

FT–>E2 rate is proportional to instantaneous FT levels. So E2 production varies over days as T levels move.

Anastrozole has a ~3 day half-life. Effects are proportional to serum anastrozole levels.