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Anastrozole Dosage: Need Advice


Hi everyone, I've been on TRT 100 mg/wk test cyp for a little over a year and was still having a lot of not so great symptoms. I was still feeling somewhat depressed, low motivation, low energy, low libido, etc. and decided to try Anastrozole.

I used 8 drops on a SAT/TUES/THURS schedule for 2 weeks (0.8mg/wk). On day 14, I got bloodwork. 0.8mg/wk of Anastrozole took E2 from 44pg/mL to 11pg/mL in 14 days. On day 14, mood and libido seemed to have improved slightly, but I was started to feel pretty fatigued at that point.

This is now mid-week 3 (day 18) and I've only had 4 drops this week. I skipped a dose altogether and then did only a half dose yesterday. I'm now feeling absolutely wiped out, can barely even think straight I'm so tired it seems. I feel like I'm chronically sleep deprived despite sleeping about 8 hr./night.

Is it normal to have a few days later delayed response to Anastrozole overdose? I figured my levels would be normal again by now considering the half-life is just 3 days.

Should I go off altogether for the next week? What dose should I restart at? I was thinking maybe doing a 50% dose of 0.4mg/wk considering I need double my day 14 E2 level





I'm no expert on ai but I have heard ksman advise dropping it for one week and going back at 1/4 the dose. I believe this is what he tells people


Thanks! I was thinking I had read something like that on here at some time. I will give that a try


No problem good luck.

If it still does work aromasin is a lighter option people seem to try next.


How bad was your depression before trt? I have been dealing with depression for a long time, and I really feel it has to do with hormone levels. I too started trt a year ago, but I was started at 200mg a week without an AI. Let me tell you, 200mg a week of cyp without an AI is a disaster waiting to happen. How long we're you on trt before starting an AI.


I was on a lower dose.

I did not use an AI

I am now for 2 weeks off trt.

I didn't feel the positive was enough of a benefit for a life long drug.

I may end up back on it who knows.. I'm going to try and get to the root of the problem which I believe is multiple things.

200 mg per week may be way to much depending on how you excret T. Some need more some needs less.
I was one 150 mg and was out of range still on my 6th day. My free T still was only half way in range though.

I am not really depressed per say. I am down ause I have multiple issues going on with my health but I wouldn't say depressed and I don't do depression drugs and never will unless I absolutely have too. Which I won't let happen I hope.