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Anastrozole Dosage and Timing?

Ok, so a bit of a hypothetical here, just best guess answer.

Let’s say you blast 300mg of Test Cyp and 200mg of deca on Sunday and Wednesday (So 600mg Test and 400mg Deca a week).

For anastrozole would you take a 1 mg tablet on Monday and on Thursday (So 2mg total for the week)? (Could just be a bro-science thing I heard but it was that typically aromatization really kicks in around 24 hours after injecting and that is the reason for taking the anastrozole 24 hours after injecting)

Or how would you go about spreading out the dosage? I see some people say split it up so its every day/every other day/ every third day, ect.

You would probably crash your e2 by week three of that protocol. That’s a ton of anastrozole. But to answer the hypothetical question, absent the dosage, I would say that the timing of the AI on that particular schedule would not matter as much as having a consistent dose while also keeping blood levels of testosterone and nandrolone within the range provided by such an injection schedule.

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