Anastrozole Divided Doses

Gentlemen, I am doing pretty much the standard portocol of 100mg. test C in divided doses per week along with 250 iu hcg eod sq. When KSMan suggests 1mg. anastrozole in divided doses, what is a good starting point? .25 mg eod, .50 mg twice a week? Any input is greatly appreciated.

Start with .25mg EOD, track the symptoms and do blood work if you feel it needs adjusting. How do you split your T shots?

Please also read the advice for new guys sticky and note comments re anastrozole over-responders.

If injecting twice a week, you can take 0.5mg at that time. If injecting T EOD, you can take 1/4mg at that time.

If your lab work for E2 later shows that you need an adjustment, you may need to use an anastrozole solution and dose in increments of drops instead of 1/4’s of a tablet.

Thank you for all your input and knowledge here Ksman. Any thoughts on the recent popularity of the subq testosterone injection vs. the IM. Just wondering how you felt about it?