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Anastrozole as Needed or on a Regular Schedule?

For those of you taking Anastrozole, do you take it on a regular schedule OR do you take it “as needed”. When I started trt I thought I’d try to go without it, but then I bloated up and my joints were killing me so I started the AI (.125MG).
Just curious if any you are taking it on the reg, of just whenever… Thanks!

I have heard of some just taking the AI as needed and some on a regular schedule, but based on your symptoms you sound like you need a regular schedule. My joints would hurt and become stiff when my androgens were too high, lowering the dosage cured the problem.

Have you tried lowering your dosage?

I haven’t tried lowering my dose of Test C yet, I’m just coming up on 3 months, my dosage isn’t at all that high, .35ml 2x per week. I’m also taking HCG,
Thanks for responding!

I have some patients who take anastrozole on an as needed basis. They are usually veteran AAS guys and more acutely in touch with their bodies and how they are reacting to hormones. Typically, they take 0.25 to 1mg once or twice a month.