Anastrozole Adjustment Suggestions After Labwork


Current regimen:

320mg test cyp/wk 160mg 2x week.(Mon and Thursday).

.25 anastrozole day after each injection. (Tues and Fri).

After 5 weeks on, I had the labcorp sensitive e2 test done and I am at 39. Scale is 8-35. I def have high e2 symptoms with bloating, hot flashes and brain fog. Also no morning wood and ED.

My question is:

Should I increase my dosing to .5 anastrozole?

Should I consider switching WHEN I take the AI? Maybe day of injection instead of day after?

Lastly, how long should I wait to get labs done again once I adjust my dosing of AI?

Many thanks.

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instead of simply raising the dose, you might want to increase the frequency of your dose. something like EOD dosing of .25 mg…

as far as the timing, i prefer to take all AI’s and SERMs at night, due to the drowsiness that comes with some of them.

Valid thought. I am just concerned that now that My e2 is in the high range, simply going from 2x/week to EOD would bring it down.

Do you do math? That would be almost doubling the amount you take in a week by going EOD.

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EOD is roughly 3x a week. I’m currently doing 2x a week.

Do you suggest taking AI day of injection? If not, how would you suggest dividing it up if my test injections are mon and thurs?

what was your E2 before your cycle? did you get pre-cycle bloodwork??

btw, A-dex is designed to be used daily, so to have more stable plasma levels of the drug will likely result in better E2 control.

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It’s 3.5x per week average, which means your weekly adex dose would average to 0.875/wk, which much more steady levels, at EOD dosing. The half life of adex would suggest ED or EOD dosing.

I used to do 2x/wk like you for my TRT, and when I switched to EOD I was much better off. It’s easier to manage your levels like that and adjust by how you feel. It also makes your blood work more reliable because you remove the dose vs. blood draw timing variable from the equation.

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That makes sense. Can you share your regimen?

What days do you inject and what days do you take Adex?