This is my first post so hello and thanks! I’m about 4 months in TRT and I can’t find exactly what I want to know. I’m on

200cc Test Cyp. 100cc 2x/wk
750iu HCG 250iu x3/wk
1mg Anastrolze. .5 2x/wk

I recently took a blood test and don’t quite remember every specific number but my Testosterone was 984 and estradiol was 56. So the doc put me on Anastrolze.

My question is when will I feel it or how? I’ve taken about 3 mg at this point and I can’t say I feel any different it’s been about 3 weeks. Has my estrogen not come down yet? I honestly feel great and had felt pretty good before Anastrolze. Lifting like an animal resting well, minor everyday pains gone I’ve not really felt a side effect. The only real issue I’ve had is libido and getting and staying hard. I’ve been in the mood plenty just can’t get it up on demand like I could before TRT. It comes and goes to often, though when I am hard it’s as hard as steel XD. Anyways what can I do to judge my E2 better? Is it possible there’s another issue? A lot of the time my boys aren’t dropped like they use to either, they only drop at night 100%, am I missing something? I thought HCG would handle that or is it doing it’s job? All other blood work came back good to go as far as I was told. Could some of this be in my head and stressing to much about it?

We need to know a lot more before we can offer help, we need a full set of labs including SHBG. If estrogen is failing to drop after anastrolze, then you should know anastrozole can’t lower estrogen inside the testicles, in this case HCG must be reduced.

We can’t guess based on how you feel, we need labs. Your only 4 months into TRT, still early in the TRT game. It will take the better part of a year to find a dosage that agrees with you provided your working with a knowledgeable doctor.

If I were you I would lower the dosage in an attempt to lower estrogen, therefore reducing or eliminating the need for the AI. A lot of guys have problems nearing 1000 ng/dL.

I figured I didn’t have enough info for you all just giving the best description I can, and wow a year? I am definitely clueless. I will certainly post again next time I get blood work and I will be more specific. Are you saying Lower the dosage of HCG to help lower E2? Also how will I know if my E2 is coming down physically if I already feel somewhat stable? Will I just know, does the sex drive change? That’s my only issue as I said.

Don’t despair, may not take that long. My doctor nailed mine from day one and my protocol hasn’t changed, over four years now.

Yes, lowering hCG will lower E2. Reducing test dose will decrease aromatization and reduce E2 as well. Too high, or too low, E2 can negatively impact libido.

“I was feeling great, then I started taking anastrazole”

You figured out your own issue.

Lower your dose just a little bit, sounds like your pretty close to being zeroed.

Thank you all I will definitely slowly cut back on everything and see how it goes. I appreciate the advice!