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Anastrazole Timing when Dosing T EOD

Not having much luck getting help on my thread so hope this is OK.

Dosing 50mg T enanthate every 2 days, 250iu HCG on the other days. How should I be dosing Anastrazole? Doc wanted me on 1mg per week. Started on just .25mg once a week, now doing .25 wed and sat. Would I be better off having .25mg anastrazole each T injection?

Not sure on bloods. Last ones revealed T not high enough and e2 starting to creep up. Doc said to up t dose and start ai with any nipple symptoms. I get sensitive, erect nipples as well as mental and emotional, energy and sexual symptoms of high e. These symptoms have improved slightly since adding in anastrazole but I think I need to up my dose. Due to get blood tests in a few weeks.

My thread with more info can be found here Opinions on My Situation/Bloodwork?

1mg sounds way too much pal. I am dosing pretty similar to you and I go with .25 every other inj, so every 4 days. I did used to micro dose eod with my jab but I actually found this less effective presumably due to the higher concentration I start with keeping my e2 that little bit lower.

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