Anastrazole Micro Dosing?

Been reading a lot of history on this site, and see two general themes, take 1mg AI in divided doses either EOD (Mon,Wed,Fri) or take when you inject Test(twice weekly for me). Not sure which is better or if it really matters. The real question is how to get that small of a dose, accurately, from a 1mg tablet? Assuming the general goal is 1mg per week, EOD would be about a third of a tablet. I can’t seem to get my pill cutter to consistently make clean cuts since my tabs are not pre scored, much less further division into smaller doses.
I was actually thinking of starting lower at around .5mg per week to prevent a crash, and slowly adjust if needed. How do people make such small doses?

Take it when you inject seems to be the protocol for those injecting. I microdose, but I’m on clomid. If I understand things correctly, you will have more T in your system right after the injection, so it’s better to take a larger dose then - your T levels aren’t as linear as it would be with a SERM.