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I haven’t posted in awhile, but have been on TRT injections through the V.A. for about 18 months now.

Initially, I my Estradiol was really high-- maybe high 50’s if I recall.

I studied up on TRT, and thought some of my side effects-- horrible shoulder and back acne, moodiness, etc-- was linked to my Estradiol level.

I asked my doc to try Anastrozole, and they acted like I was crazy, and said that my side effects had NOTHING to do with estrogen. So they wouldn’t prescribe it. No other docs would either. I ended up asking my cousin who is a doc to write me a script, as a trial, to see if it WOULD help me.

Well it fixed all my problems! Acne gone instantly, no weird moodiness. But my cousin was only helping me out in kindness, and as a favor.

Now, I need a doc who will prescribe it to me, and even after checking with out TRT clinics AND other private docs, NO ONE WILL PRESCRIBE IT to me!

I can’t believe that these supposed “experts” in endocrinology and TRT have less understanding than a tiny subculture of bodybuilders.


Can someone PM me about how I can go about getting Anastrozole again?

Thank you, and please forgive me if this was an improper question. I don’t know where else to go.

Most TRT clinics prescribe it. Endos are a crap shoot.

The ones I have talked to in Omaha Nebraska WON’T prescribe anastrazole. Granted, I haven’t checked EVERY single one, but they won’t even answer whether or not they WILL even prescribe it, unless you pay $250 up front for the initial consultation fee!! I’ve already wasted money, I can’t keep throwing it away on first appointments only for the doc to say, “Oh, sorry, but we never prescribe MEN

I CAN get it through Defy Medical, but ONLY if I also get my testosterone through them also. But I get mine for free from the VA, and I don’t have another $150 a month (or whatever,) to spend on that.

That’s the catch 22 with and endo and insurance. Why can’t your cousin continue to prescribe?

Search liquid anastrazole on the internet. There are a ton of Research chemical sites.

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X2 on googling “research chemicals liquid anastrazole”.

Great reply!

The problem is most insurance would never consider that a guy would need a breast cancer drug, therefore it’s off label until such time guidelines are updated. Hell will freeze over when it actually happens.

Hello All,

I’m sorry for the much delayed reply; an extended family member just died, and I was quite taken aback by that…

Anyhow, I much appreciate you guys taking the time to reply!

I ended up finding a pharmacy to get the anastrazole, so that is solved.

The VA continues to be woefully ignorant about TRT. I’m going to keep going there for the time being (as I get the testosterone free as a veteran’s benefit). But I don’t adhere to their idiotic dosing— 25ml once a week?! Woohoo, that got my test from almost zero to 120 on a range of 72-813!
(And put my estradiol at 55)
I take 50ml, TWICE a week, and that puts me at 1100 total test, and 220 free test (range of about 20-240) while taking .5 mg anastrazole twice a week with each injection. Then my estradiol is at 22, and I feel perfect.

I DO value these forums, and appreciate the wisdom and experiences of all those here.

God bless, and have a good night all!

Try DefyMedical.com. They are in Florida. They are a legit TRT clinic and you will have to get a physical by your current doc, bloodwork and so forth.

What is your dose per the VA if you don’t mind me asking (Ive never seen someone RX that much through VA)? BE CAREFUL, if you show up to the VA with a 1100 TT level, they will cut you back, most certainly.

Just to be clear, your taking 100mg of Testosterone (or .50ml), twice a week. Correct? VA gives out 200/ml of test cyp. Your lucky if your VA doc actually gave you that dosing. (FREE TEST!)

They have you on 50mg once a week, and your taking 200mg a week. Wont you run out early if you follow this schedule?

Hi Alpha,

They actually prescribed me 75mg (or 37.5 ml ONCE per week). On THIS protocol, my total test was 120 on a range of 72-813, and free test was 109 on a range of 46-224.

They send me 4 100ml vials per month. So I don’t run out.

When I dose myself at 50ml x 2 per week, my total test is 1100, and free is about 220. Top of the “acceptable normal range”.

I basically underdose myself before doing my labs for them, or else they take me off.

Either my math, or your math is screwy.

For 37.ml to equal 75mg, it would need to be a solution of 200mg/ml. But your saying its in 100mg vials.

I think this is where im getting confused.

So are you injecting 100mg a week, or 200mg a week?

If I am screwing this all up, im sorry.

On my vial, it says 200mg per ml.

I do .50ml twice per week— so one vial per week.


I was off on the math

LOL OK! Now im following. So they aren’t catching on that your re-ordering when you should still have more. Watch out for that.

Well, I get 4 vials per month… and that’s all I use.

Technically, they say to only use a vial ONCE per injection, then toss the excess. that’s why despite the low dose they want me to take (and that I could get all I need from less than 4 vials,) I get 4 vials per month in the mail… they are assuming I inject 75mg from each bottle, once a week. However, since I inject twice per week, I use the whole vial, split into each injection.

Got ya. Yes that makes total sense now.

If you don’t mind me asking what dose did you take? My estrogen is the same as yours at 54 and I’m having ed and genital shrinkage


Well I will preface this by saying that I am NOT a doctor, and any “advice” I give is not medical advice, only relating personal experience.

I WAS taking .50 ml testosterone cypionate 2x per week. I also took 1/2 of an anastrazole pill, which I belive was .5mg.

This lowered my estrogen to between 27-29.

However, I developed polycythemia, and had to lower my testosterone dose to .375 ml 2x per week.

I have NOT continued taking the anastrazole since lowering my testosterone dose, and my estrogen levels are ok.

EVERY man will experience TESTICULAR shrinkage if using exogenous testosterone. This is a normal reaction. However, GENITAL shrinkage should NOT occur when taking testosterone. That is a side effect of testosterone being too low, circulatory/vascular issues, or a potential side effect of other mediucations.

Supposedly taking HCG will return the testicles to their normal size, but I have not taken it. I have only heard this to be true from others online.

Good luck getting things sorted out!



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