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Anastrazole Frequency


Hello all. I inject 1.5 ml per week of Watson Test. Cyp. . I do two shots a week splitting the 1.5 ml in half for each shot. I also have 1 ml tablets of Anastrazole. I read somewhere on this forum a set dose of Anastrazole per 100 ml of test. that should be taken but cant seem to find it searching. Can someone help me out with this? Thanks in advance.


usually people start at 1/2mg twice a week like monday/thursday schedule, then retest in 6 weeks and see how it effects u as it seems to effect everyone differently. Im sure others will chyme in too.

good luck.


I wrote that. What is the question? You will not find this discussed in medical websites or research or clinical research papers. If you find out what a competitive drug is, you will understand why there is a linear dosing relationship.

Watson's and others produce T cyp at 200mg/ml and 100mg/ml. You need to talk about your dose in mg's, not ml's. You may have been told to inject a volume amount of T cyp, but that is not how you should describe your dose.

Read the 'protocol for injections' sticky. You will find recommendations about dosing protocols and explanations.

Stickies are topics 'stuck' to the top of the forum topic list. Do not post your personal concerns into the stickies. The 'protocol for injections' is a good example of the mess that creates, turning a sticky onto a chat room.