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Anastrazole and Clomid, at the Same Time?

I have an acquaintance that is on Clomid as well as HCG on TRT. He says it makes his nutsack hang satisfyingly low and full. Since I’ve gone on the full protocol as described here my previous shrinkage is gone, but I’m not back to my glory days. Anyone? Only about 3 weeks into injecting, I’d been on Testim previously.

So what happens if after a month your testicles aren’t normal sized on solely HcG? Again my friend is on both and claims all is well and his boys are back to the normal size. When I was on Clomid mono therapy for a month I experience enlarged testicles. Mostly just worried about the size of my balls…lol

I should mention that I’ve only been on injectables for about 3 weeks now…going to give it longer. Haven’t even had my first panel since going on injectable T.

Thanks again for all the responses.

Some guys have good experiences with Clomid, but it has a high potential for side effects.
Give the HCG a little while to work.

Taking both can overload and desensitize the LH receptors. And over stimulation can create high levels of T–>E2 inside the testes which cannot be controlled by any competitive AI [anastrozole]. You would know this if reading the stickies. High doses or AI or SERM need to be avoided. Combos are dangerous as well.

There is a lot of BS and bro-science on the WWW that is really bad advice.

Physical recovery take time, there are changes to gene expression and tissue changes as well.

KSMAN, your reply is appreciated. This guy is in the care of an endocrinologist (for whatever that’s worth) and he just got his labs back. He’s on 100mg t-cyp/week, 1mg of anastraole/week, 250mghcg e2d, and 1mg of Clomid a week. Last I heard his TT was 2200. In any case hard to reason from insufficient information. I guess I’ll need to re-read the stickies having read them a month or so ago…

Your friend has a TT of 2200 on that protocol? I’m not very familiar with clomid because everything I read says stay away if on TRT, but can it really raise TT THAT much?

Clomid+hCG can create high levels of E2 that cannot be managed via an AI. So E2 can be out of control. And risk of desensitization of the LH receptors. He can do one or the other. The idea is not to have the testes produce a lot of T, only to preserve them. He need to be reading for himself.

I don’t chime in much here anymore but I’ll throw in my 2 cents on this one. Clomid… Forget it. If you’re on HCG it’s pointless. Also personally I feel most guys are running to much HCG and this is causing E2 issues that can’t be corrected. I reduced my HCG to 150iu once a week at most and that’s fine. I can go as long as two weeks between HCG injections with no adverse effects. Doing this improved things for me. My E2 was uncontrolable before and now it runs consistently around 18 on 10mg of Aromasin a day. I also feel Aromasin is a much better AI than Adex. It’s been easier to manage and much easier to find the sweet spot.

If you’re still feeling like garbage after correcting T and E2 there is a loooooooong list of things that it can be. Find a good naturopathic dr and give that a shot. I have a great one and I’m a believer now. That will also give you access to pharmaceutical grade supplements that you aren’t able to get on the shelf.

I just got my bloodwork orders from my doc and will be waiting another week or so before doing it. I’m looking forward to getting a peek under the hood after 4 weeks of pinning…