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Anastozole and Leaning Up?


This my 2cd dose ever .5 every other day. Since this will lower Estrogen and free up more Test, will this help in leaning me up????


TRT in generaly should help you reduce some BF around the midsection…this I think is related to getting the E2 under control and becoming T-dominant, as opposed to E-dominant. The AI may help with bloat/water retention.


Thanks cat… Ultra-sensitive Estradiol range through AEL Labs is 0-39 mine was 33 Endo said we need it around 20. Go back in about 5 weeks draw labs and see what’s up… Man I have a great Doc!!!


please note that ultrasensitive has been shown to provide seemingly random results for men. the general consensus is that the Estradiol Sensitive Test #4021 from Quest is the most accurate and reliable.


No offense bro, but I truly trust my Doc he is also a lifter!!!


[quote]BIG ORANGE wrote:
No offense bro, but I truly trust my Doc he is also a lifter!!! [/quote]

I’ve been on HRT for a while and finally finally found a place that helped me get everything right. My E2 was at 40! They put me on Anastrozol I don’t recall the dosage off-hand, but I take a quarter of a tablet once every three days, thank god for pill splitters. I did notice some bodyfat reduction around my midsection but I think a fair amount of it was water weight. Not too long before this I went and got my wedding ring stretched because my fingers were swollen quite a bit and now I’m considering taking a quarter inch back off of it.

Being on the Test replacement has made a huge difference for me but I honestly think the Anastrozole has made the most difference. Oh yeah, as of last Monday my E2 is at 17 and Free Test is 591. Now I just need to get my binge eating under control and 10%BF will come real easy for me I think.


Binge eating same problem here LOL!!! Yeah my Doc told me he wanted my test to stay in 5 to 600, and he didn’t have a problem if I wanted to keep it around 800!!! First DOC I have ever met who knew WTF he was doing… Thanks to a couple guys on here steering me in the right direction…