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Well i am back. Couldn't stay away for long. Going to start off this log by saying that this sight has been pretty good to me and in return iv'e been pretty shitty to it. I will be making an effort to make amends and hopefully become a respect member of these forums.

Actually have made quite a bit of progress lately leaning down to 168 with abs pretty visible when flexed. Bench has moved up to an all time PR of 170 but recently has been a train wreck. Squat is hovering around 275 give or take depending on a couple factors.

One problem I have run into is a serious case of anterior pelvic tilt. Not really sure how to fix this but it is a bitch. Going to start deadlifting again but really going to ease into it. I have been slacking on mobility lately and will need to go back to agile 8 2x a day.



weight- 168

waist- 32 in

Bench- 165

squat- 265

Deadlift- no idea

chin ups- bw x 4 lol

Goals by febuary 2014

Bench- 200 x 1

Squat- 300 x 1

Deadlift- 315 x 1 no pain

chins - bw x 12

Lets fucking do it!



weight- 168.5

waist- 32

ME Lower

Squat- 45x5, 135x3, 185x1, 215x1, 235x4

RDL- 135x12, 155x10 x 2

1 leg curl- 3x15

calfs/abz- 3x15


2655 calories, 226 pro, 192 carb, 111 fat




And talusations.


Fuck bitches get swole