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Anapolon Info?


Heard of Anapolon and did some research. Most of the time it comes up with Anadrol/ oxymetholone. Just wondering if anyone can help me out with some info on it. thanks


brand name


ahh so really itd be anadrol then


From Anabolics 2007:

"oxymetholone is still available in Turkey under the Anapolon brand name. These are packaged in a foil and plastic push-through strip of 20 tabs, 1 strip per box. The back reads Anapolon tablet, oksimetolon 50mg in a black ink.

There are a good number of counterfeits of this brand so shop carefully. Note that the real tablets are a sort of off white to yellowish color. A very good looking fake is currently circulating that uses pure white tabs. They are easy to spot once you know to look for this. Also, some counterfeiters have been making mistakes on the company logo. Be sure the letters AI touch in the logo to form one graphic. Often the fakers just use two separate letters to form a logo, which make a close, but not perfect, match."

hope that helps



Anapolon is anadrol. Speaking of counterfeiters, sorry for the mini-jack, but some of the stuff in TJ is just as bad. The labels are literally printed 5 minutes ago and the ink rubs off if its still wet.

On top of that there is literally flakes of pixie dust or something floating on the bottom. Thats for test e even. Gotta be careful now a days.


I wouldn't even eat the burritos in mexico these days...lol



thanks guys, u helped out heaps. Now i know what to look out for.


LMAO! thats fuckin funny! haha!