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Anaphylactic Shock

I was curious if any has experianced or herd of somone having a reaction to AAS

The reason iam asking is because I am planing on starting a cycle (test-E only)and the last thing I want is for my family to find me in shock or dead

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My guess would be there is more chance of one having an allergic reaction to the oil before they’d react to test itself. So if you have allergies to cottonseed, grapeseed, sesame, etc. then I suppose you could have a chance. Find out what kind of oil is being used then purchase some from the store and try a little.

2 of the guys i workout with both suffer hayfever like symptoms while using oil based compounds. Nothing serious though. just thought i’d throw that in there :slight_smile:

Ya I think I will ask my dealer what he makes it with and then buy some at the store, because who wants to waste money when you don’t have too

Thanks for all your help

I’m going to basically echo what roofus_5 said. You very likely would not have a reaction to the actual compound (as it’s a hormone naturally produced by the body, so the immune system is unlikely to release histamines as a direct response to the hormone), but rather to the oil itself if anything.

Ya I was thinking more on the lines of the oil not the actual Test,