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Analyze My Bloodwork - TRT?

age 20. weight 187. Healthy diet, good amount of sleep, okay muscle mass (been working out for years though)

Latest blood test results:
estradiol: 16 pg/mol
Test: 345 n/mol
Dhea: 9.6
progesterone: 0.8
FSH: 2 (0.5 - 10.00)
LH:3.4 (0.8 - 4.9)

Previous testosterone reslts indicated: 337 n/mol, 281 n/mol, and 315 n/mol.

Symptoms include no morning wood or very few spontenous erections. Softer erection, lower libedo. Brain fog, mood swings, and feeling down occasionly. Also feel tired most the time after excersise. thyroid fine.
Offer feedback please

You need a few other tests, such as SHBG. but its pretty obvious you have lower total test. What feedback are you looking for? Have you ever done AAS? Have you read the stickies?

shbg will test next time. No not really any usage of AAS, but I did take nolva before to try to see if it would rid my pubertal gyno at 20 mg for three weeks. This blood test was taken fours weeks after stoppage. I’m not sure what ideal or healthy number for progesterone and DHEA. I am aware my test is low, and I plan on going on trt as soon as possible doctors let me.

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Your T is obviously low therefore your conversion of T–> E2 is also low. We don’t do “normal” or “fine” for thyroids, we do labs with lab ranges. Doctors have a poor understanding of what normal really is and most doctors can not agree. To complicate matters every lab has different lab ranges for which you have left out, one has a difficult time knowing where your numbers stack up and can’t determine where 345n/mol lands you. It’s like inches vs mm v.s cm.

My bad i see I used the wrong units. The units near my test should be ng/dl. for test my lab does it in nmol/L and he range is 8.4 to 28.8. My number was 12.0, previously 11.7 twice. I am in Canada and some reason compared to the rest the world to go on trt you need to have atleast 8.4 and under which would be around 240 ng/dl.

Nice one! I have pleased to read the entirety of the post as mentioned above in detail.