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Analyze Bloodwork Protocol

Can someone with a little experience help me understand my blood work test?
Unfortunately the sensitive estradiol test is not available in my country!

Merry X-mas,

According to my Free T/SHBG calculator your Free T percentage is 2.94% and typically 2-3 percent is considered normal. Albumin value might alter Free T percentage a little which I don’t see it tested.

My SHBG is similar to yours (16-22) and I do well in these Total T ranges. Estrogen by our scale is 32.96, test might be close to actual value.

How often and how much testosterone do you inject per week?

Also what type of testosterone ester?

Merry X-mas to you ask well.

Your total test is 490ng/dL and free test is likely over 100pg/mL. Not too bad. Past that, would need some demographics, history, symptoms and protocol to put it in context. CBC and PSA are good.

Free test is 509 nmol/L which is about 86pg/ml. I have low LH (no HCG)! And SHBG is for what I understand a little bit on the low side. I am doing 30mg Test E EOD and 0.1mg Arimidex ED or EOD depending on how I fell, if I feel a little bit of I do EOD.

OK, when taking exogenous testosterone, LH and FSH will bottom out. No need to retest again. I have you at 1.75% free testosterone. Your SHBG is on the low side. You could run your testosterone up if you want to do so. Get your free test up to 150 and you will feel better. If you are experiencing E2 side effects now you may need to adjust your AI. Personally, I am at 884 total/202 free test, E2 55/79 (both tests) and I feel good.

You might be able to do away with the AI entirely on s daily protocol which is ideal for low SHBG men in controlling E2 and therefore Free E2.

A 30mg EOD protocol is too much for me, even 25mg EOD and I’m way over the top.

So you are asying something like 10-15mg ED will get SHBG up and E2 down naturally? Then I potentially can lower/quit Arimidex?
English is my second language so pardon my french:)

I don’t know about increasing the SHBG, but lowering the E2 is more than likely. My SHBG on twice weekly was 16 and on EOD was 22, I’ve seen some men in which larger doses seemed to hammer SHBG a little.

I felt best on a daily, but my body didn’t like having everything so stable. My skin started having issues.

I would shoot for 12mg daily, 7mg daily after only 3 weeks put me at 417 ng/dL, I’m really sensitive to testosterone. Doing 18mg EOD now, 4 weeks into it. I feel great the more time passes.

Thanx for the help! I will try 12mg each day. I dont know if it is placebo but I feel great after injections:)

When I start a new protocol I also feel great right after an injection like today, tomorrow it will fade a little and after 6 weeks I will feel that good feeling 24/7, so if you find you don’t feel the same all of the time, it suggests you’re not injecting frequently enough as this is a sign levels are swinging.

I would be nice to minimize Arimidex, I feel awfaul even att 0.1-0.2mg, like subtile headace, cracking joints and I am getting low (sad).

That’s exactly how I felt even though E2 wasn’t low, even on 0.050.

What was your E2? Have you quit Arimidex?

No AI at all, E2 will be measured at week 8, it’s only week 4.

I found that I tolerated aromasin much better than anastrozole when I was on an AI, I cut it up the aromasin into 10 pieces are was effective.

Let me know where your E2 will be in 4 weeks!

@highpull I always thought about this concept. 2-3 percent. If total t is 400 I don’t think you are good even with a free t of 2-3 percent. If my 2 percent is 100 free t and your free t 2 percent is 200.
My point is you still need a certain amount of free t circulating.

@charlie12 Right, which is why I mentioned getting his free test up to 150. If you are 2% with 100 free, and I am 2% with 200 free, I’m going to be a lot happier.

I agree with you. Just wanted to share what I thought.

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How much is the standard E2 test overestimating E2? I have cracking joints and dry eyes with standard E2 at 31! My symptoms is more like in the 15 range.