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Analysis of Neurotype Test Results?

Coach, Just wanted to see if my assessment of my neurotype test results is correct or not:

Scores: 1A: 73
1B: 77
2A: 102
2B: 117
3: 29

-2A but under stress (because I am under stress)
-Higher than average dopamine sensitivity (higher 1A/1B scores)
-High acetylcholine ( high 1B score)
-High Sereronin (Low 3 score)

Am I correct and/or missing anything ?

Thank you !

Dopamine is only slightly above average. What is happening is rather that you constantly produce adrenaline because of the low serotonin. This can lead to a low noradrenaline/adrenaline score which will give you traits of types 1A and B like bieng impatient and irritable. But will also lead to problems concentrating.

And the more under stress you are, the more problematic it will become because cortisol increases the enzyme responsible for converting noradrenaline to adrenaline

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Yep that definatley sounds more like me especially the impatience/irritability which is something I had to train myself to take keep under control. Thank you Coach Thibaudeau. Sounds like I should work more on relaxation and stay away from Coffee and Vodka Redbulls.

Yep, the more cortisol you produce the more irritable you will become


I’m not sure if post here, but I would like to add an observation as far as your test.

You are expanding your test around the world, and I realize that some non native English speakers or people doesn’t speak/understand well, have some problems with some questions and they could be interpreted in a different way. Even the think process could be altered for replying in the right way.

Not only for general population but athletes.

Would be a bad idea access to the test translated to French, Italian, Spanish and German?

It could be awesome and it will expand even more how to use the neurotyping.

Coach, one last question on this subject, wouldn’t the low Type 3 score indicate high Serotonin ? What you said above does make sense to me though and does apply to me, for some reason I thought that low type 3 meant high serotonin.

I’m guessing that its more the combination of numbers that makes the difference ?

I will get the test translater in french for sure (I originally designed it in french). We might do it in other languages too in hte future

Absolutely right

Hello CT

I just took the test and will really appreciate if You could say what those scores means in terms of neurotransmitters levels (eg. low level of this, high level of that etc).

My understanding is this:
Dopamine - Medium
Acetylcholine - Low Medium
Adrenaline - Medium High sensitivity
GABA - Very Low
Glutamate - Very High
Serotonin - Medium Low

Do You think this level of serotonin is to low to try keto/low carb approach to help with Glutamate/GABA situation?

For the next 3 months, I’m planning to workout 4 times per week (following Your Best Damn Volume program) and going high carb on training days, low carb on two rest days and 24h fast on Sunday.

I think a 6 weeks keto phase would work well for you

Thank You. I’ll gonna give it a shot after completing 3 months of high volume plan. I have one more question. Would You advice to do only strenght work (low volume) during this 6 weeks on keto (I didn’t really done strictly strenght work in the past) or rather muscle retention training? I always had problem building muscle mass so my main concern is to not loose precious gains during this 6 keto weeks.

Hi Coach

I’m on keto diet for last 20 days and I must say it’s been tough (to put it mildly). I was able to stay <40 grams of carbs per day and 15-20% proteins. I was expecting that my energy levels will decrease significantly in adaptation phase but I hoped it won’t take that long.

My question is: can I introduce pre and intra workout carbs (about 30 grams) and up my daily intake to about 60-70 without risking of loosing benefits of keto aproach (decrease glutamate, increase GABA) or should I suck it up and endure, since it’s only 3 more weeks to go?
Main reason I’m asking this (besides feeling drained out for most of the most days) is fact, that I was forced to cut my workouts in about 1/4 in most cases.

40-60 g carbohydrates isn’t keto

I’m staying under 40, I’d say 30 most of the time.
I’m asking because I’ve read in couple of articles (CT included) that slightly higher carbs (depending on training activity level) won’t kick You out of the ketosis. Since You’ve been so kind to participate, can You share Your experience?

Once you are “keto/fat adapted” you can have some carbs peri-workout and it won’t take you out of ketosis. I’ve used as much as 60g periw-workout and was still in ketosis the next day. If you use more of the carbs during the workout yu might temporarily stop producing ketones during the session, but if you used the right amount of carbs you will go right back in ketosis.

I experiemented with various amounts and taking as much as 30g pre (20 min) and 30g during, didn’t take me out of ketosis. I was using PLAZMA which containts highly branched cyclic dextrins which is likely the best carb source for the purpose since its has a very low impact on insulin despite its very fast absorption.

Two things though:

  1. Not every body will be able to handle the same amount of carbs. It will depend on muscle size, training volume and how well fat adapted you are. I had been on pure keto for 5 weeks when I added carbs BUT I had been dieting for a photoshoot for the 10 weeks prior to switching to keto. And while I used a carbs cycling approach, chances are that because of the low calories and high actiity levels, I was already fat adapted to some extent. Ideally you would measure ketones in the morning and 4h or so after your workout to see if you stay in ketosis and gradually titrate the amounf of carbs up until you find your limit.

  2. If you feel bad on keto, it might not be the best diet for you. If you feel like crap (decreased motivation, less sleep, more negative, lower focus, etc.) it is likely not adapted to your brain chemistry.

Thank You. I’ll follow Your advice and introduce them gradually. Regarding feeling shitty, I was kinda prepared for it since I don’t have high serotonin level. I’m doing this for 6 weeks only, as You suggested earlier, to balance GABA-Glutamate. I’ll stay away from MSG etc. afterwards and I guess I’ll do “Glutamine test” to findout if I can, finally, use it to improve serotonin.

CT was pure ketogenic 5 weeks before experimenting with carbohydrates. You’re 20 days in. Long way to go before you “introduce them gradually”.

And I had been low carbs (carbs cycling, but still low) for 10 weeks prior to that and in a big enoug caloric deficit to lose 20lbs which entails fat adaptation.

People will read what they want to read…

Glutamine doesn’t increase serotonin, if anything it will increase glutamate. 5-HTP, tryptophan and glycine can increase serotonin.