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Analize This...


I am 38 yo, 5,11 195 11,5 bf

In the past few months I have worked in increasing my strength, them my volleyball season finished and I did no cardio, no impact and hit the weights ball to walls I could in crease my vertical jump and my muscle mass as well.

VB season restarted last week and I want to keep what I got and try to keep progressing in terms of physique.

I understand that loosing bf is the best way for me to be able to play vb at a better level and look better.

I am changing my diet and having carbs only before and after physical activity.

Doing 45 min of walking on an empty stomach 5X a week.

Now my dilemma is in the weight room.

I was thinking about doing this for the next 8 weeks:

Monday = Upper body push Maximal effort
Tuesday = Upper body pull maximal effort
wednesday = rest
Thursday = Legs Maximal effort
Friday = Chest/back repetition
Saturday = arms repetition (if feeling rested enough)
Sunday = rest

Vb is played 2 to 4 times a week from 1 to 2h.

Questions and comments appreciated.



To much max will make you a dull boy. If your going for 8 weeks use a 8 week cycle. Lighter weight more reps/sets in the beginning, heaver weight fewer reps/sets in the end.
As far as your lay out goes Ive used one similar.


use 5/3/1, i think its the best template for folks where lifting is not their #1 sport. you can get the book at www.elitefts.com. a bunch of us old-timers here use it


Thanks for your responses.

what is precisely the title of this book?