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Sorry nother question what does everyone girls included think of anal sex.

It has been said before but I am sure they love to fuck you with a strapon.

Well, I know that I just CAN’T have sex unless everything is perfectly aligned around me. Bed parallel to the wall, covers just brushing the carpet, matress uniformly thick in every area. If all those criteria are met, then sex is great. If not, then I can’t concentrate.

But then I’m probably more anal than most.

Hahaha. Sorry, but I just worked for 12 hours and that made my day. While Ive never done any of my broads up the exit, Ive had two that have asked for it. Jeepers creepers some of these questions…

Go read the old Gang O’Babes column, this is covered there.

Char – that was some funny stuff.

I think it is the most disgusting act known to man. For the love’a God, keep it in the right hole!

HA HA Even funnier because I am anal about everything.

Would affectianado’s here also be interested in the NAMBLA post as well?

i think anal is in the ass, right?

Char: It took me a minute, but laughed my ass off…that was too funny!!!

I don’t like you, so stop winking at me with that chocolate brown eye, ya dirty bitch!


So many threads, so little time! And all it takes is a cool lil’ thing called SEARCH. If ya wanna bring the topic up again, go for it! But take a stab at being original, please.