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Anal sex *snicker*

Okay, Im serious here. But, Im finding it kinda funny… I want to know everything there is to anal sex. snicker Im betting alot of you are finding this humorous too. Anything I should know not to do? What kind of lube? Any of you ever do it this way befor? Help me! Thanks fellow T-Men. Your random humorous insights to this kindky kind of sex are also welcome.

I suggest you go to a gay website and inquire there as I would imagine those doods are masters of that particular endeavour.

i did it with my girl and it was straight up nasty make sure the girl cleans out her asshole b4 u venture in the unknown.

Make sure your girl is down with this. If she’s relunctant or uptight about it, it’s going to be hard for her to relax and make penetration easier. Make sure you get her excited, and you may want to use plenty of lube. KY Jelly and other lubricants are always a good choice. Go slow, and have fun. Many women that enjoy anal sex tend to have intense orgasms. I once dated someone that loved anal. She would go crazy for it.

 Make sure you put on a jimmy hat and never go from the butt to vagina without a thourough washing of your bits.  

Dont let her eat corn or peanuts the night before.

Make sure he is weaker than you and there is no one else in the shower… tell him if goes along with it then it will just be this once…SNICKER…for gods sake make sure he is not someone elses bitch or you will learn all there is to know about assrape the hard way.

Yeah, tell your boyfriend to use lots of lube and a condom. You might want to be prepared to get anal sutures if things don’t turn out right. If that’s what floats your canoe, but it sure is a shitty deal.

Let me keep it real.

Anal sex is uncomfortable until the point of ejaculation…then it makes your legs go numb.

My brother, and several of the women at work have told me they like it (my brother’s wife uses a well-lubed finger).

It’s a personal thing for men or women.
Some like it, some don’t.

I would say most people wouldn’t like it. I don’t.

And could I enlighten some people here for a minute?

Not all gay men act like girls. If you met me, the chance you would know I was gay is slim to none.

In fact, most of us aren’t flaming little bitches.

And another thing, not all gay men engage in anal sex…in fact not all couples have anal sex.

8-track is gay

Drugs, and lots of 'em! My woman won’t let me in there unless she’s totally wasted on weed and E. This sucks, because I quit weed on New Year’s and limit my E to about 2 or 3 times a year. I can also tell you that being “thick” makes anal a whole lot more difficult. It’s the only time I wish my unit was more pencil-like.

Awww shit… No Im not gay, kinda forgot to mention that. Thanks for the input.

Thats funny shit…SHHH its me Casper. HA HA HA

OK, your just being plain silly now. We woundnt know youre gay? I can tell just from your name. Gay people dont have gay sex with each other? WHat? Do they just hold hands and whisper queer little nothings to each other? If you were my bitch and you didnt put out Id bend you over faster than you can say “my brothers a closet homosexual”. Which he clearly is.

sewerhooker that was hilarious.
ok, to the original poster, this is my experience, and I’ll assume you want to cornhole a female. otherwise, disregard this. you’ll probably like doing it if you like doggy style. whether or not she’ll like it is another matter. if she’s a virgin then be real easy. you may have to slide it in over the course of 5-10 minutes. use lube - i like astroglide. if she likes playing with herself then this will help insertion since it will stimulate her and take her mind off the foreign object being introduced into her pucker. one you start with the thrusting, ask her what speed she likes. most girls can’t take an anal drilling like they can a vaginal one. if she’s lucky the stimulation of her rectum along with clitoral stimulation could give her a very intense orgasm. try and make the first time good otherwise you risk turning her off of buttfucking.
*make sure she cleans herself well or else you’ll get a nasty surprise when you pull out.