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Anafit Supps


Has anyone tried any Anafit supplements? Sesapure looks absolutely amazing! www.anafit.com/shop

I hate to come in here and talk about other companys' supplements, but Biotest does not offer some of these supplements and therefore I do not think it is a conflict of interest..

Any feedback is appreciated..



I didn't read your post but I just wanted to comment that your avatar is by far the hottest avatar ever.


It's hypnotizing isn't it? :slight_smile: Take 2 Spikes and a serving of Power Drive and then stare at it.. Gives you a completely different perspective and you truly appreciate the beauty of the avatar..



It sounds pretty cool, but I've honestly never heard of the company before; not that that makes them unreputable. They also sell "mood enhancing gels", that sounds kinda shady to me.


Yeah, what was crazy was that most of their customers have never heard of Biotest.. I told some of them about Spike and Power Drive and they were ecstatic..

The oxytocin sounds pretty damn cool tho.. I wonder if I could take cheque drops right before a work out and then oxytocin right after the workout to calm me down?! hmmm.. lol.. no, j/k..

I did put in an order for some sesapure.. I'm about to do one of the most insane cycles ever heard of. Let's just say that I have a total of 40,000mg of test that I'm going to use and eat 10,000 calories/day.. The sesapure should theoretically make sure that all my gains are muscle...

I'll keep you all posted. :slightly_smiling:



What the fuck? I hope you're not serious...


Shit man! Take pics!


I agree, but I want to see pics of you trying to get 10,000 cals a day into your stomach. I am sure that it can be done, but I know how I struggle on the days when I get 6,000


10k calories will be no problem at all.. 5000 will be liquid.. Couple that with the fact that I'll be on T-3 and EQ the entire 18 weeks.. Oh.. don't worry, I'm taking pictures alright.. I should look like Mariusz Pudzianowski when I'm done.. :slight_smile:

Oh and btw.. Yes, I am also using Biotest Metabolic Drive bars, Metabolic Drive MRP, Surge, and Carbolin 19, Ohh and I saved 2 bottles of Myostatin..