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Anaerobic Training and Aerobic training

Anaerobic Training and Aerobic training in The Winning Formula… what do you guys think of DOING 2 types??.. i’m kinda curious about this… why not just do more The Anaerobic training… Also what would you consider sports like Floor hockey? I’d think Anaerobic activities… because of sprinting… and then not running

garrat- doing only anaerobic intervals and weight training would be too much and lead to serious catabolism if done with the frequency listed in the winning formula, by doing aerobic training you are able to still cause a large calorie deficit will not leading to such a large strain on your system. an example of this is that you could probably do aerobic training in the morning a weights session in the afternoon and another aerobic session at night- if you tried to do the same with anaerobic sessions and get the same calorie deficit it wouldn’t take long for you to crash and burn.