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Anaerobic Power Test


I just got a jump mat and am going to be implementing an anaerobic power test with it. The built in test has you perform 60 jumps, averages the first 15 and averages the last 15, then compares your numbers by creating a percentage (the percent that your last 15 jumps is of your first 15). This percentage is labeled your "Fatigue Factor"... the only problem is I have no idea what would be considered a good fatigue factor. I am doing some searches online to hopefully find something, but any input/help with this would be appreciated! Thanks


The actual value of you Fatigue Index is less important then what happens to that number over time. If you are training to increase anaerobic power and capacity, you should interested in seeing the number decrease regardless of where you are starting from.


Yeah that's true... I should probably offer this as an initial and follow up type of test. I still think I should have some type of scale, people will always want to see how they rate compared to others!


surely its not an effective anaerobic power test if 60 jumps are needed As opposed to a traditional seargents jump or vertical jump for height.


We will be doing a single jump for height also. I guess anaerboic endurance test is a better name for it... or maybe anaerobic capacity test.